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Zitro continues to strengthen its position as a leading global gaming provider by presenting its premium slot machine – Altius Glare – the tallest GLARE cabinet with bigger real estate for stunning graphics and outstanding gameplay.

“Altius Glare is part of the development of product innovation for casinos around the world, and we are proud and excited to have launched it”, said Johnny Viveiros Ortiz, founder of Zitro. Players will be blown away by the ergonomic design of this new cabinet, that includes a huge 55-inch touch screen combined with a 27-inch Full HD display providing a giant real estate for 4K graphics, and a smart LED halo. This exceptional cabinet also features a SmartDeck button panel, wireless mobile charger, great comfort for players, and easy access for service. This state-of-the-art cabinet, along with its graphics, stunning lighting and surround sound system make it the new benchmark for immersive gaming worldwide.

Johnny Viveiros Ortiz, founder of Zitro, added: “Our main goal is to exceed the expectations of players and our global partners, and the more we understand their preferences, the more we will continue to develop and improve our innovative product lines. The launch of the premium Altius Glare will appeal to casino operators looking to expand their entertainment offerings and attract new customers to their gaming properties. We are also confident that players in their casinos will be delighted with the increased accessibility of this new cutting-edge cabinet, excellent connectivity and immersive Full HD displays. The whole team at Zitro is overjoyed about our latest release and we look forward to continuing to create unique and unparalleled gaming experiences for users around the world. The sky is not the limit!”

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