Next time you’re about to shell out $6000 dollars for cageside seats to the UFC, maybe consider spending $50 dollars on a fake lanyard and iron-on t-shirt instead.

That’s how Australian YouTuber Mikey T snuck into UFC 284, which was being held in his hometown of Perth on February 12th. After general admission tickets to the event sold out in 10 seconds, he decided he’d try to sneak in posing as UFC staff. He whipped up a fake UFC badge on an official looking lanyard, ironed some logos onto a classy polo shirt, and got himself a professional looking camera.

“I literally just walked in and there were no questions asked,” he told local news channel 7News.

Mikey T didn’t just make it into the arena. He made it into the post-fight press conference area. He made it cageside, where he pretended to photograph the fights just feet away from the action. He made it backstage and hung out there for a while. And in his biggest bit of daring-do, he walked out with Alexander Volkanovski for the main event. He hung out in the prep zone a foot away from Islam Makhachev.

It was all captured as part of a video he uploaded to his YouTube channel a few days ago.

Who needs to win VIP ticket packages from Dana White when you can just rely on shoddy security measures instead? While Mikey walked in and out of UFC 284 with no one the wiser, he did foolishly talk to 7News, who went ahead and snitched him out to the RAC Arena and UFC.

“Michael credits confidence for the daring stunt which could see him face significant consequences,” a 7News reporter said. “It raises serious security concerns: if he can get in, who else can? The arena’s management says it takes security seriously but wasn’t aware of the incident. The UFC has yet to comment.”