Manchester City legend Yaya Toure spoke to Declan Rice about the infamous video where he slaps Eden Hazard playfully in the tunnel after a game between City and Chelsea.

In an interview with Declan Rice, Toure revealed why he slapped the Belgian international when the teams were going out for the second half.

“This game, he was taking the ball and no-one could catch him! You know, he has a different posterior, it’s massive!”

Declan Rice also acknowledged Hazard’s skill on the ball: “People don’t realise that his dribbling was good, but his low centre of gravity, the way he turned and used his bum and body.”

Yaya Toure continued to emphasise this point further.

“That’s the thing! One time I was explaining it to one journalist, and he was laughing at me! I said why are you laughing? He said, but why are you talking about his bum? His bum is there! Where you put your feet, he puts his a** like that in the turn!”

The interview has garnered some laughs and giggles on social media, with several fans acknowledging that Hazard was effective at putting his behind to good use while on the ball.

That game in particular finished 1-1, and is famous for Frank Lampard scoring the equaliser for City against his beloved Chelsea while on loan from MLS side New York City FC.

Eden Hazard went on to have a spectacular 14/15 season for Chelsea, finishing on 19 goals and 13 assists in all competitions for the club as they won the Premier League title for the fourth time.

This is not the first time Yaya Toure has spoken about the importance of bums in football, as he wrote an article for the Athletic explaining how effective using it while dribbling or shielding the ball can be.

Toure and Hazard during their time at Manchester City and Chelsea. (Image Credit: Alamy)He cited some modern Premier League examples in John McGinn, Raheem Sterling and Harry Kane particularly for being effective in using their hips, legs and bum to help shield the ball either to waste time or to make some time and space to play it out.

The main message here is that bums are important in football, as midfield great Yaya Toure has highlighted its importance in the beautiful game.