Why this site

What is Betsler

At Betsler, we strive to provide you with the best possible information on odds available anywhere on the Internet. This means that you can check and compare odds from over 185 bookmakers and betting exchanges from across the globe, covering essentially every sporting event in the world at any time.

Navigating Odds

When designing this new version of Betsler, we had only one thing in mind: Ease of use. With that into perspective, we’ve optimized the entire experience by simplifying our product’s core structure. Browsing through different sports, regions and tournaments has never been easier. The Menu function helps you navigate to your desired sporting event, faster than ever. For example, if you need to reach the English Premier League, you would have to find it under Football/England/Premier League.

Odds table functions

Simply choose an event and you will be directed to the Odds Page, containing all available betting offers. The Odds Table has been optimized as well, now being divided between Popular and All Bet Types. Simply choose the market you are interested in and compare the best odds from your selected bookies. We made it easier for you to compare the latest offers and bonuses from our Premium Partners. Simply click the colored logos and a pop-up with Free Bets & Bonuses will appear, making sure you’re always one click away from claiming the best Special offers.

Getting Started

Find the best odds

The whole purpose of Betsler is to help you find the most profitable betting opportunities, to improve your return on betting. Thus, you just have to navigate your way to your desired events, either by selecting them from the Sports Menu, or simply by browsing the Live and Next Matches sections. Once you reached a particular event that interests you, simply compare the available odds on each bookmaker, choose the best offer for you and proceed to placing your bet.

Click on hyperlink to bookmaker

Betting should be easy, so our focus was to improve the entire experience by limiting the number of steps needed to place an actual bet. Thus, for some of the bookmakers we list, there will be a direct deep link that will take you to that particular event on their webpage, or even to the actual Betting Slip. The direct links are marked by a green “>”, so whenever you see this sign you’re only two clicks away from placing the bet.

Check bookmaker

Bookmakers operate with different terms, rules and regulations. For that reason it is a good idea that you become acquainted with certain business aspects of the bookmaker.

Here is a selection of the terms which should be considered prior in opening an account:

  • Options for depositing funds at betting account
  • Requirements of a minimum deposit amount
  • Options for withdrawals from betting account
  • Fees in relation to deposits on betting account
  • Fees in relation to withdrawals from betting account
  • Minimum matches required for a bet
  • Minimum required stake in a bet
  • Maximum allowed stake in a bet
  • Maximum allowed winning in a bet
  • Rules for voiding bets accepted

The bookmakers have different rules and regulations, so it is recommended that you spend a little time becoming acquainted with the specific terms of a bookmaker.

Open an account

Before you can place a bet with a bookmaker, you have to open a betting account. Here you provide them with your personal details. When the registration is completed, you have entered/received a username, password and/or an account number. It is important that you write this down. It has to be somewhere where you and only you can find it again. Notice that some bookmakers will offer you a promotional bonus as a new member. Remember to check the conditions for receiving the bonus.

Deposit funds at betting account

The most common options for deposits are credit card, bank check and bank transfer. Credit card deposits are deposited almost immediately,while bank checks and bank transfers will take a few days. The fees for using the various options vary as well, and some bookmakers will cover a part of these fees. But you have to check that with the specific bookmaker, your bank and credit card issuer.

Place a bet

When you have deposited funds at your betting account, you can start placing bets. Notice that some bookmakers only accept that you bet doubles and triples, that is combining two and three matches respectively. You can come across six different formats for presentation of odds. There is the European way (decimals), the British way (fractions), the American way, the Malaysian way, the Hong Kong way and, finally, the Indonesian way. Read more about odds formats under Odds Formats. With some bookmakers you will notice that you, instead of entering how much you want to bet, have to enter how much you want to win, that is the winnings (payment - stake).

Withdraw funds from betting account

The most common options for withdrawals are, as with deposits, credit card, bank check and bank transfer. Here also transfer time, fees and who covers the fees varies from bookmaker to bookmaker. Remember to check the amount you receive and be aware that there can be fees in relation to currency exchanges.

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