Boxing icon Mike Tyson once had a playful spar with UFC light-heavyweight champion Jon Jones.

Jones bumped into Tyson in preparation for his UFC title defence against Daniel Cormier back in 2014 and jokingly sparred with the former heavyweight world champion on the street in America.

Jones and Tyson played to the camera with the UFC star catching the boxing legend with a playful slap.

Image: Jon Jones/Instagram

Image: Jon Jones/Instagram

Image: Jon Jones/Instagram

Tyson, a big MMA fan, showed his skills by ducking Jones’ punch before the pair embraced.

Jones caught the interaction with Tyson on camera and uploaded it on social media with the caption: “Quick sparring session with @MikeTyson #boxing #mma #Goodtimes.”

Tyson once described Jones as a “bad” man when asked about his favourite UFC fighters.

“Conor is very charismatic. Jon Jones is bad, but deep down he’s a decent kind of person and very shy,” he explained.

“Whereas this guy, Conor, he’s the man. He reminds me of the old-time boxers, one of those guys that’s just into everything. He walks into the room and everybody stands up. He sucks the air out of the room. He’s just a really interesting guy.

“He does things nobody else has been able to do too. He’s kind of like an animated character, one that’s real though. He’s a great fighter, but his personality is even bigger than his talent. Isn’t that crazy? He’s got this huge personality.”

Image Credit: AlamyHe continued: “Nobody in MMA has ever had a personality as big as his. Ronda [Rousey] is just like a monster – the things she would do – but this guy is different. His personality is phenomenal.”

Jones’ last fight came in 2020 at UFC 247, where he defended his UFC light-heavyweight title with a win against Dominick Reyes.