There’s not long to go until Austin McBroom and AnEnsonGib take to the ring for a much-anticipated fight.

The social media stars appeared on the same fight card for Social Gloves in 2021, but didn’t face each other on that occasion.

Fans have been waiting patiently for this match after it was rescheduled, and the day is almost here.

If you’re one of many wanting to watch McBroom vs Gib live, this is the time to be viewing it on Saturday September 10th.

The event is scheduled to start at 11pm in the UK, with a busy undercard to look forward to as well.

If you just want to watch McBroom and Gib, due to the time difference they will be on much later.

It’s estimated that their match will be anywhere between 3am and 4am UK time, if the other fights all go to plan.

McBroom has been busy getting in shape after he last beat Bryce Hall back in June 2021.

Before the main event you can watch:

Swaggy P vs BluefaceLeveon Bell vs Adrian PetersonLandon McBroom vs Adam SalehCory Wharton vs Chase DemoorThe fights are scheduled to take place over four or six rounds of three minutes.

However McBroom vs Gib fans will get six rounds.

Fans will be eager to see who wins, after KSI challenged the winner to a fight in January.

Seeing as he’s good friends with Gib, that could prove to be an awkward pairing if he comes out victorious over McBroom.

The original SocialGloves bout came under fire for not drawing in as many PPV fees as expected, so McBroom will be hoping for a bigger success this time around.

Originally McBroom and Gib were scheduled to fight earlier on this year, but it was forced to be postponed when medics didn’t give Gib the all-clear following a head injury.