The fight between Astrid Wett and Keeley takes place on Saturday, and here is all the information surrounding the UK start time and live stream details.

The two social media personalities will face off as part of the second MF & DAZN: X Series event, a collaboration between DAZN and Misfits Boxing, the latter of which YouTube star KSI is the CEO.

The show will be main evented by a grudge match involving Jay Swingler and Cherdleys, which sees two YouTube stars with over 1.7 million subscribers face off. Before then, six other ‘influencer boxing’ fights will take place. One of those is Astrid Wett vs Keeley – and we have all the information relating to start time for viewers interested in tuning in:

Astrid Wett vs Keeley: What is the UK start time?

Like with most of the other fights on the card, there can be no exact start times at this stage due to the differing lengths of previous fights that take place on the night.

However, DAZN have provided viewers with an estimated start time for each fight. The ringwalks for Astrid Wett vs Keeley are slated to begin at approximately 8:07pm UK time, meaning that, if all timings go to plan, the fight proper should commence at around 8:15pm UK time on Saturday, October 15.

Astrid Wett vs Keeley: Live stream details

Boxing fans interested in watching the fight between Astrid Wett and Keeley can do so by accessing the official DAZN website, or via the DAZN app. Both mediums have a live stream player, which is subscription-based at £7.99 per month. To find out more details about how to subscribe to DAZN, and the cost, click here.