A lip reader claims to know what Pep Guardiola said to Mohamed Salah at the end of Liverpool’s controversial win over Manchester City on Sunday.

City thought they had taken the lead earlier in the half when Phil Foden scored, but his goal was chalked off by referee Anthony Taylor for a foul in the build-up.

After the match, Guardiola expressed his frustration with the officials, while also simply saying: “This is Anfield.”

But at the end of the game, Guardiola could be seen sportingly shaking hands with match-winner Salah.

The pair exchanged a few words, with Salah covering his mouth but Guardiola speaking openly in front of the cameras.

Liverpool beat Manchester City 1-0 at Anfield (Image: Alamy)Professional lip reader John Cassidy has analysed their conversation and believes he knows what Guardiola said to the Liverpool forward.

Via the Mirror, Cassidy believes Guardiola said to Salah: “Have a good season, good game, you too, what’s up?”

Guardiola was then hidden behind Salah momentarily.

But when he came back into shot, Cassidy believes he added: “There’s no doubt about it, not maybe – definite. It’s definite, definite.”

Guardiola and Salah spoke to each other after the match (Image: Alamy)It has been suggested that Guardiola could have been referring to Foden’s disallowed goal, which was ruled out after Taylor consulted the pitchside monitor.

“The referee came to the coaches [before the game] and said play on, play on,” said Guardiola.

“There were a million fouls. But after we scored a goal, he decided it is not play on. This is Anfield.”