WBC chief Mauricio Sulaiman has revealed that they will open up a transgender category in boxing, to allow the sport to be more inclusive.

In recent years there has been controversy around whether or not transgender athletes should be allowed to compete in sports.

The likes of Lia Thomas, Laurel Hubbard and Ebanie Bridges have led people to question whether or not they should be allowed to take part in women’s sport.

Now Suliaman has joined in the conversation, saying his sanctioning body are to open up a transgender category, in order to make boxing more inclusive.

The Mexican head of WBC did say that those born male would only be allowed to fight others born male, nor would they be allowed to fight non trans fighters.

“We are going to put out a global call for those who are interested in 2023 and we will set up the protocols, start consultation and most likely create a league and a tournament,” Suliaman told the Telegraph.

“It is the time to do this, and we are doing this because of safety and inclusion.

“We have been the leaders in rules for women’s boxing – so the dangers of a man fighting a woman will never happen because of what we are going to put in place.

“In boxing, a man fighting a woman must never be accepted regardless of gender change. There should be no grey area around this, and we want to go into it with transparency and the correct decisions. Woman to man or man to woman transgender change will never be allowed to fight a different gender by birth.”

Suliaman unveiling a new belt ahead of Tyson Fury’s world title defence against Dillian Whyte back in April. Image: AlamyRobert Smith, general secretary of the British Boxing Board of Control, also revealed they’re looking into how to include transgender athletes into the sport.

““At the moment this is hypothetical but we can see it coming and we are looking at our transgender policy,” Smith said.

“It is what you are born as, as rugby union does. When it does [happen] we intend to be fully prepared. Medical and, perhaps more importantly, legal considerations will have to be taken into account.”

There is previous precedent in boxing, with former five time USA female national boxing champion Patricio Manuel transitioning in 2014.

The Californian went on to have his first professional boxing fight as a man four years later, defeating Hugo Aguilar in a unanimous decision after four rounds.