Wayne Rooney has completely savaged a bunch of the biggest and best Everton legends.

In one of the coldest and bluntest one-liners, Wazza recalled the time when he began rubbing shoulders with the likes of Duncan Ferguson and Alan Stubbs, quickly coming to the conclusion that ‘these are crap’.

Credit: AlamyIf you watched the documentary about Rooney, you’d remember the moment where he talks about knowing the was the best player at Everton very soon after breaking into the first team as a 16-year-old.

Well, now Rooney has gone one step further when discussing his first stint at the Merseyside club, sharing a story about sharing a dressing room with some of the club’s icons.

“It’s mad how quick it changed,” Wazza told Toffee TV.

“For me to go in with Duncan [Ferguson], Stubbsy [Alan Stubbs] and all of them… to then go and play with them and train with them every day, so quickly I remember thinking ‘these are crap’.”

Screamer, absolute screamer.

The fact that he said it so straight-faced without a single laugh is just pure gold too.

He did go on to admit that not all of his idols were ‘c**p’, however.

Rooney added: “Obviously not all of them, but some of the players I was thinking, ‘what’s going on here?’

“I couldn’t believe how bad some of them were. I remember thinking ‘I’m better than all these players’.

“That’s not disrespecting to them players but some of them just weren’t good enough and should never have played for Everton.”

Alan Stubbs and Duncan Ferguson. Credit: AlamyDuring the chat with Toffee TV, Rooney went on to reflect on his stellar career at Goodison Park.

Opening up on his eventual departure to Old Trafford in 2004, the 37-year-old claimed he actually wanted to stay in the blue of Everton but quickly changed his mind when the club seemingly betrayed him and tried to ship him off to Chelsea without his knowledge.

“From my point of view, ideally, I would have liked to have stayed for another year and see where we went from there,” Rooney said.

“When the [2003/04] season finished, the club had tried to do a deal with Chelsea for me, without me knowing.

“When I found out, I was fuming. I remember speaking with my agent and telling him that if they’re going to sell me, I should have a say in where I go. I don’t want to go to Chelsea. I didn’t want to leave at the time but once I knew they were trying to sell me, I thought ‘OK’.

“I injured my foot at the Euros and went on holiday afterwards. When I came back, Everton wouldn’t let me train, in case I got injured, because they wanted to sell me. I left and took a lot of stick over leaving but I don’t think the club were too innocent either.”