Now that Jake Paul is plotting an official crossover into mixed martial arts (MMA) the YouTube sensation and professional boxer is doing everything he can to prepare. This includes his first-ever training session for jiu-jitsu.

Paul, who will return to the boxing ring later this year before making his official MMA debut as a member of the PFL roster, has a background in wrestling. Actually, he was quite good in high school. So was his brother, Logan. However, Paul has never rolled on the mat to learned the ins and outs of grappling. It’s going to take the social media influencer some time to adjust, but the wheels are already in motion.

On Friday, Paul posted a few images and a video to Instagram showcasing his first day training jiu-jitsu. Check it out at the top of the page.

“First day of Jiu Jitsu,” wrote Paul.

Just over one year ago Paul took to social media to show off his kicking skills as a teaser for a potential MMA crossover. Now that things are official and “Problem Child” will in fact compete under the PFL banner in 2023 things are becoming a little more serious.

It’s unknown at this time who PFL has in mind for Paul’s MMA debut, but it’s unlikely to be anybody with serious skill or a fighter who’s going to take him down. More likely than not, Paul will encounter a MMA striker and be able to lean on his developing boxing skills.

What say you, Maniacs? How is Paul looking as his MMA training ramps up?

Let’s hear it!