Floyd Mayweather was ready to have two matches in one week.

This weekend (Sun., Nov. 13, 2022), Mayweather will partake in his fifth exhibition boxing match when taking on YouTuber, Deji Olatunji. Before that, however, Mayweather received a challenge at an open workout last night (Mon., Nov. 7, 2022).

Competing on the undercard of the event, mixed martial arts (MMA) fighter turned-boxer, Anthony Taylor, attended the workout where he began trash-talking Mayweather from outside the ring. The video can be seen in the embedded player above.

“You got your boxing stuff?” Mayweather said. “Go put it on, let’s box.”

“I’mma wait. Finish Deji and I’ll give you that real work,” Taylor responded. “I ain’t gonna touch him, I’m just gonna size you up. I ain’t scared.”

Taylor started to get in the ring as Mayweather, 45, was being asked by security asking if he was sure he wanted to trade hands with the 33-year-old. Mayweather was game, but as Taylor started getting his hands wrapped to put on his gloves, he left the ring.

“I ain’t getting paid to fight him,” Taylor said. “Give me that check, I’ll fight him, ain’t no biggie. I got a fight Sunday, I’m not going waste my energy fighting [Mayweather]. Not for free. Y’all can boo all y’all want. Any fool would be a fool. It don’t phase me. I’m a warrior. I’m with it. But I’m gonna take care of my opponent Sunday then me and Floyd can go at it. Why fight for free? Any smart fighter would say I’ll wait. Floyd, you scared?”

Taylor faces television personality and combat sports newcomer, Jack Fincham, in a professional boxing match on the card. Fincham was originally scheduled to make his debut in Nov. 2020 until the match was canceled.

Watch Mayweather versus Deji live this weekend: here.