Fight fans got to witness one of the most bonehead moves in recent memory Friday night (Jan. 27, 2023) at BKFC 35 from inside John T. Rhodes Sports Center in Myrtle Beach, S.C., when a fighter celebrated a victory only to find out he was already being disqualified.

Mixed martial arts (MMA) veteran Tomar Washington was making his Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship (BKFC) debut on Friday in an undercard matchup against Willie Sears. Washington possessed a noticeable power advantage and ended up knocking Sears to the canvas in Round 2. However, as Sears dropped to one knee Washington connected with a right hand that was deemed illegal by the referee. The fight was stopped, but Washington thought he had won by knockout.

Unfortunately for Washington, the referee was planning on disqualifying him for illegally striking a downed opponent. Making matters worse is the fact that Washington didn’t know he was being disqualified until the referee read the decision out loud in the center of the ring. That’s when Washington knew he had made a bonehead mistake and walked off in disgust.

Check out the illegal strike below along with Washington’s post-fight reaction:

My man donned a Jigsaw mask and went to the ref for the announcement without understanding that he had lost by disqualification. BKFC blessing us with one of the all-time funniest moments in combat sports history tonight.

— matt b posting from inside mel’s hole (@Boco_T) January 28, 2023

We’ve seen some awkward occurrences inside of the cage and ring over the years, but where does this rank among the rest? Celebrating with a Jigsaw mask has to make this more cringy than it is.

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