UFC bantamweight champion Aljamain Sterling was visibly shook after being told Tyson Fury is related to younger brother Tommy.

Meanwhile, Tommy made his professional debut in 2018 and continues to climb the ranks with a lucrative grudge match against Jake Paul set for August 6.

Sterling discussed Fury’s upcoming bout with Paul on his YouTube channel and after his co-host mentioned Tommy’s net worth compared to Tyson’s, he replied: “Who’s his brother? [Tyson Fury] is Tommy Fury’s brother? There’s no f***ing way.

“Those guys don’t look nothing alike. There’s no way. What? That’s crazy. Tommy Fury can’t lose to Jake Paul having his brother be Tyson, that would be wild.”

The pair have different mothers, but their father is former professional boxer John Fury.

Tyson and Tommy Fury on holiday. (Image Credit: Instagram)Fury and Paul were set to fight in December, but the former pulled out due to a rib injury and bacterial chest infection.

He was due to fly out for a press conference on Wednesday, but was stopped at Heathrow Airport. It remains to be seen if the fight goes ahead.

Both men are unbeaten and something will have to give if they do square off. Sterling thinks Paul take his record to 6-0 and explained why.

The 32-year-old said: “Tyson can box his ass off. I mean, I haven’t seen Tommy fight before.

“Now, this changes everything. “It’s a good fight. Jake has been getting in the ring and getting that in [ring] experience even though it’s against Ben Askren and Tyron Woodley.

Image Credit: Alamy”I think there’s no substitute for the value of the time under those bright lights.

“The experience, the nerves, all that. I think that all comes with some type of value that you get.

“I think that’s the difference going into this fight. Whereas before, if you asked me about this, I’d be like ‘there’s no way [Jake Paul] wins this scrap, but now I’m like, ‘there’s actually a good chance he can win this.'”