Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) makes its historic return to Perth, Australia, TONIGHT (Sat., Feb. 11, 2023) with a five-round “Champion vs. Champion” pay-per-view (PPV) main event between Featherweight kingpin (and No. 1-ranked pound-for-pound talent) Alexander Volkanovski and newly-crowned Lightweight roost-ruler (and No. 2-ranked pound-for-pound talent) Islam Makhachev inside RAC Arena. In UFC 284’s PPV co-main event, top-seeded Featherweight standouts Yair Rodríguez (No. 2) and Josh Emmett (No. 5) will lock horns with a 145-pound interim strap on the line, with the winner taking on Volkanovski to unify the Featherweight title at a later date. We’ve got Jack Della Maddalena, Jimmy Crute and more, too!

UFC’s top pound-for-pound fighter will be crowned!

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Keep in mind that we will also be the spot for the latest news, recaps, and post-fight analysis following “Makhachev vs. Volkanovski.” Without further delay, see below for the latest UFC 284 “Prelims” undercard results. (Note: This will go from the bottom up; therefore, scroll toward the bottom for the latest detailed round-by-round action.)


155 lbs.: UFC Lightweight champion Islam Makhachev vs. UFC Featherweight champion Alex Volkanovski

145 lbs.: Yair Rodriguez vs. Josh Emmett for interim featherweight title

170 lbs.: Jack Della Maddalena vs. Randy Brown

265 lbs.: Justin Tafa vs. Parker Porter

205 lbs.: Jimmy Crute vs. Alonzo Menifield


205 lbs.: Tyson Pedro vs. Modestas Bukauskas — Bukauskas def. Pedro by unanimous decision (30-27, 29-28 x2)

145 lbs.: Melsik Baghdasaryan vs. Josh Culibao — Culibao def. Baghdasaryan by submission (rear naked choke) at 2:02 of Round Two — HIGHLIGHTS

125 lbs.: Shannon Ross vs. Kleydson Rodrigues — Rodrigues def. Ross by TKO (body kick and punches) at 0:59 of Round One — HIGHLIGHTS

155 lbs.: Jamie Mullarkey vs. Francisco Prado — Mullarkey def. Prado by unanimous decision (30-27 x3)

145 lbs.: Jack Jenkins vs. Don Shainis — Jenkins def. Shainis by unanimous decision (30-27 x2, 29-28)

115 lbs.: Loma Lookboonmee vs. Elise Reed — Lookboonmee def. Reed by submission (rear naked choke) at 0:44 — HIGHLIGHTS

145 lbs.: Blake Bilder vs. Shane Young — Bilder def. Young by unanimous decision (30-27 x2, 29-28)

155 lbs.: Elves Brenner vs. Zubaira Tukhugov — Brenner def. Tukhugov by split decision (29-28, 28-29, 30-27)


205 lbs.: Tyson Pedro vs. Modestas Bukauskas

Round one: Bukauskas opens with a wheel kick. Solid low kick. Counter left to answer a teep. One minute in. Nasty left hook by Bukauskas, eats a leg kick in return. Bukauskas barely misses with a spinning back kick. Pedro lands a solid body kick and grabs a body lock two minutes in. Nice takedown to land in side control Hard elbow. Bukauskas spins to his knees with two minutes to go.

Pedro grabs a front headlock and falls back for a guillotine, losing it but landing on top in half guard. He tries an ugly front flip guard pass that allows Bukauskas back to the feet. Hard Bukauskas hook with a minute to go. Pedro body kick. Bukauskas tries a 1-1-2. Another spinning back kick attempt and he unloads before the bell. 10-9 Bukauskas,

Round two: Pedro looking tired already, but lands a good low kick. Hard body kick by Bukauskas. One minute in. Another body kick. Counter hook and low kick by Pedro. Bukauskas switches, fires a straight left, eats a low kick. Two minutes in. Hard 1-2 by Bukauskas. Pedro low kick. Bukauskas steps in right as Pedro’s throwing a front kick and takes a nasty shot to the balls. He doesn’t take long to recover. Bukauskas fires a head kick. Pedro front kick, then another one to the body. Two minutes to go.

Lead hook by Bukauskas. Head kick attempt. Good leg kick from Pedro. Body kick behind it. Pedro catches Bukauskas coming in with a left hand and ties up. One minute to go. Bukauskas reverses and throws knees. Spinning elbow whiffs on the break. Counter left from Pedro as Bukauskas sends out a hook. Pedro body kick, Bukauskas jab. Bukauskas whiffs a wheel kick. 10-9 Bukauskas, but it was close.

Round three: Body kick and jab from Pedro, Bukauskas comes back with a solid right hand. Bukauskas falls short with a spinning back kick. Pedro body kick. Bukauskas leg kick. One minute in. Quick exchange in the center. Pedro avoids a combo and fires a 1-2 into the clinch. He tries a head kick on the break. Good 3-2 by Bukauskas two minutes in. Low kick. Left hook. Pedro body kick. Another body kick with two minutes to go.

Bukauskas opens up with a combo and gets taken to the fence. Trading knees inside. They separate. Stiff Pedro jab. He tries a slow-mo combo, then ties up. Knees from Bukauskas in the clinch. One minute to go. Uppercut from Bukauskas on the exit. He fires a combo, then unloads on the fence as Pedro flees. 10-9 Bukauskas.

Final result: Bukauskas def. Pedro by unanimous decision

145 lbs.: Melsik Baghdasaryan vs. Josh Culibao

Round one: Neither man committing early. Trading low kicks. One minute in. Low kick by Baghdasaryan. Nasty body kick, Culibao can’t find a counter. 1-2 from Culibao two minutes in. Body kick and straight left by Baghdasaryan. Culibao leg kick, long right to the body. Leg kick exchange draws a whoop from Culibao. Two minutes to go.

Both fire head kicks. Hard two-piece by Baghdasaryan after landing a low kick. Head kick blocked. One minute to go. Culibao leg kick; his nose is a mess. Baghdasaryan counters the next one with a straight left. Spinning back kick catches Culibao right in the nuts, and “Kuya” takes two minutes to recover. Baghdasaryan pursues with a tornado kick when they resume. 10-9 Baghdasaryan.

Round two: Culibao tells his corner that he still can’t breath from the nut shot, which is a bad sign. Trading kicks early on. Culiao steps into the clinch and Baghdasaryan opens up with a hard series of shots. One minute in. Body kicks from Culibao. Baghdasaryan lands his own. Culibao catches Baghdasaryan with a jab that knocks him off-balance, and the microsecond Baghdasaryan hits the mat, Culibao latches onto his back and wraps up the RNC. The tap comes moments later to complete an incredible comeback.

Final result: Culibao def. Baghdasaryan by submission (rear naked choke)

125 lbs.: Shannon Ross vs. Kleydson Rodrigues

Round one: Spinning back kick lands for Rodrigues. He backs Ross up, then hurts him with a left hook. Another body kick stings Ross and Rodrigues throws everything in his arsenal until he crumbles and the ref intervenes.

Final result: Rodrigues def. Ross by TKO (body kick and punches)

155 lbs.: Jamie Mullarkey vs. Francisco Prado

Round one: Mullarkey opens with a switch head kick. Inside low kick. Prado tries a head kick, eats a leg kick, lands a body shot. Solid left hook from Prado in center cage. Wheel kick whiffs. and both try 1-2-3s. Mullarkey blasts through into half guard. Prado latches onto a kimura, lets go after eating some body shots. Two minutes in. Hard elbow by Mullarkey as Prado tries to keep wrist control. Mullarkey postures up for a few more shots. He’s cut Prado beside his right eyebrow, though it doesn’t look deep. Two minutes to go.

Prado makes some space and spins to his feet, but Mullarkey latches onto a body lock. Mullarkey wrenches him back to the mat, settles for half guard. One minute to go. Nice elbows from Mullarkey. He passes to side control and Prado again tries to grab a kimura. 10-9 Mullarkey.

Round two: Prado just misses with a left uppercut as they dance out of range. Mullarkey leg kick, nice exchange in the center. Prado low kick a minute in. Jab and leg kick from Mullarkey. Solid counter right comes back at him. Mullarkey digs a right to the body two minutes in. Head kick blocked, low kick by Prado behind it. They’re spending most of this round out of each other’s ranges, trying to get in and out. Two minutes to go.

Prado shoots, denied. Both fire hard left hands. Mullarkey falls short with a Superman punch. One minute to go. Hard left hook by Mullarkey as they trade, then a heavy right downstairs. Jumping front kick to the body, 2-3. Mullarkey now pushing forward. 10-9 Mullarkey.

Round three: Stiff jab by Mullarkey. Prado looking like he’s fading a bit. Big left hook exchange. Mullarkey leg kick. Both swing big a minute in, jab from Mullarkey afterwards. Mullarkey picking his shots, Prado struggling to get any consistent offense going two minutes in. Looking for a single-leg, denied. Body kick from Mullarkey, who eats a counter 1-2 and comes back with a body jab. Nasty left hook by Prado, his best shot in a while. Mullarkey fires a low kick and Prado tries to answer with a combo. Two minutes to go.

Easy double-leg puts Mullarkey on top in side control. Looking for mount, can’t get it, tries to drop punches. Prado again tries for the kimura with a minute to go. This time he uses it to sweep, but Mullarkey pulls his arm free and gets back to his feet. Prado attempts a wheel kick, lands an uppercut and left hook. 10-9 Mullarkey.

Final result: Mullarkey def. Prado by unanimous decision

145 lbs.: Jack Jenkins vs. Don Shainis

Round one: Shainis muscles his way into the clinch, eating knees to the body as he takes Jenkins to the fence. Trading knees in the clinch and one of Shainis’ strays low. Shainis shoots when they resume, landing an uppercut before they trade knees. Jab, body shot, low kick from Jenkins. Shainis lands a leg kick, shoots, rebuffed. Jenkins slams home a calf kick on the exit. Shainis lands a body kick on a retreating Jenkins. Another calf kick by Jenkins, then a third. Shainis comes back with a body shot. Two minutes to go.

Quick 1-2 from Jenkins. Shainis is still looking to attack, but he’s definitely toned it down a bit. Counter right, body shot, overhand right by Shainis. He blocks a head kick, eats a jab with a minute to go. Quick exchange. Stinging jab by Jenkins, hard right hand when Shainis tries to burst his way in. Shainis to the body. Heavy leg kick from Shainis, and when he tries to taunt, Jenkins comes back with his own. 10-9 Jenkins.

Round two: Quick boxing exchanges. Calf kick from Jenkins. Shainis ties up and lands another knee to the junk. They resume after he gets a stern warning. The next time Shainis ties up, Jenkins trips him into half guard a minute in. Jenkins pops his head out of a guillotine grip. Heavy pressure, not a lot of strikes two minutes in. Nice back take, but Shainis spins into his guard. Jenkins immediately gets to his feet and they jockey for position against the fence. Two minutes to go.

Trading knees inside. Jenkins slips out and rips a body shot alongside a pair of low kicks. Another body shot and low kick into the clinch. Shainis grabs a body lock and trips him into mount. Looking for the back, nice elbow from half guard. Nice explosion by Jenkins to get out, and he rips a body shot before dragging Shainis down and taking his back in return. Shainis spins into guard at the bell. 10-9 Jenkins.

Round three: Shainis overshoots on a lead right and Jenkins uses it to jump on his back. Both hooks in. Nice scramble takes them back to their feet. Calf kick by Jenkins a minute in. They trade hands until Jenkins takes him down into guard. Half guard now. Shainis looking for a kimura two minutes in. He’s really bearing down on it, but he doesn’t have enough control of Jenkins’ body, allowing the latter to pop his arm free. Two minutes to go.

Jenkins potentially in position for an arm triangle. Loses it. Short elbow. Slick move to mount with a minute to go. Shainis regains half guard, then half butterfly. Again he briefly threatens the arm triangle. Solid right hands from Jenkins as Shainis tries to stand. Shainis makes it to his feet and separates. Both swing big in the final seconds and Jenkins just misses with a front kick. 10-9 Jenkins.

Final result: Jenkins def. Shainis by unanimous decision

115 lbs.: Loma Lookboonmee vs. Elise Reed

Round one: Lookboonmee opens with kicks, avoids a wheel kick. Solid lead right. Combination lands for Reed. Another nice flurry of punches a minute in. Body kick from Lookboonmee. Counter right falls short. Heavy low kick. Nice counter right lands for her as Reed steps in. Two minutes in. Lookboonmee’s done some real damage to that lead leg. Reed steps into the clinch and they trade for a bit before Reed puts her on the fence. Lookboonmee goes for a head-and-arm throw, then goes the other direction to sling Reed to the mat with two minutes to go.

Nice sweep by Reed puts her on top in half guard. Reed pouring blood from her nose. Solid short shots. One minute to go. Reed continuing to land, takes Lookboonmee’s back. Softening her up with punches. 10-9 Reed.

Round two: Lookboonmee ties up, slams Reed down, and immediately latches onto her back. The RNC’s in deep and there’s the tap. What a reversal.

Final result: Lookboonmee def. Reed by submission (rear naked choke)

145 lbs.: Blake Bilder vs. Shane Young

Round one: Bilder light on his feet in the early going as Young presses forward. Bilder throwing leg kicks. One minute in. Stiff jab by Young. Head kick attempt from Bilder. Nice counter hook knocks Young back. Another nice one two minutes in. Low kick from Young, eats one in return. More Bilder leg kicks. I don’t think either man has landed a power punch. Youngn lands a body kick and gets taken down into side control for it. Two minutes to go.

Half guard now. Bilder showing off nice shoulder pressure. One minute to go. Bilder postures up for some nice shots, which allows Young to get to his feet under fire. 10-9 Bilder.

Round two: Hard leg kick from Bilder. Young pursuing but not throwing. Counter 2-1 from Young, eats a low kick a minute in. Young firing jabs. Jab exchange. Another Bilder low kick. He shoots, denied. Young really struggling to let any offense go. Two minutes in. Young cross counter after eating leg kicks. Long left and low kick from Young, tries a counter right. Bilder largely landing leg kicks with impunity with two minutes to go.

Bilder jab, low kick, and shot. Young counters with his own takedown, can’t keep it there. They trade knees. Young charging after him at this point, lands a hard right hand over the jab. Another cross counter with a minute to go. Young on the attack, absorbs a body shot, lands a left hook. Jab exchange. Low kick exchange. BIlder shoots at the bell. 10-9 Bilder.

Round three: Bilder back on his bike, picking away with leg kicks and avoiding most of Young’s punches. Head kick attempt. Bilder lead right met by a left hook. Bilder shoots, denied a minute in. Left hook from Young. Low kick met by some jabs from Bilder. Leg kick exchange, lead right by Young. Body and low kick from Bilder two minutes in. Counter right met by a Young 2-3. Another combo by Young. Trading in the center. Nice jabs by Bilder. Double right, good left hook on the fence. Two minutes to go.

Trading left hands. Good shots by Bilder, trading in the center. Big right hand buzzes Young, who comes back with shots and denies a level change. Young to the body. One minute to go. Young marching forward as Bilder picks him off with lefts. Young tries a late takedown. 10-9 Bilder.

Final result: Bilder def. Young by unanimous decision

155 lbs.: Elves Brenner vs. Zubaira Tukhugov

Round one: The Australian audience is already WOOing, which is not a great sign. Brenner falling short with kicks, lands a quick jab. One minute in. Tukhugov yet to let his hands go as Brenner tosses out low kicks. Lead right from Tukhugov, who absorbs a flying knee that kicks off an exchange. Looping hook by Tukhugov and they trade in the center two minutes in. Tukhugov pushing forward, cracks Brenner with another left hook. Brenner comes back with low kicks and eats a counter right for his trouble. Brenner fakes a shot, lands a good low kick. Simultaneous jabs. Tukhugov eating a lot of low kicks. Two minutes to go.

Tukhugov catches a kick, can’t use it, eats a jab. Low-high 2-1 from Brenner. Inside low kick. Tukhugov is getting outworked so far, but lands a right to the body with a minute to go. Tukhugov tries a combo, blocks a head kick. Brenner putting together combos, eats a long right hand. Brenner tries a flying body kick. 10-9 Brenner.

Round two: Swatting lead kick from Tukhugov. Brenner tries to charge him in return. Tukhugov’s got a cut between his eyebrows that’s opened back up. One minute in. Both falling short with their strikes. There’s some nice jabs from Tukhugov and a long right hand behind them. Check hook. Pressure from Tukhugov. Brenner digs a body shot and follows with a leg kick two minutes in. Counter 3-2 lands for Tukhugov, then on the lead against the fence. Brenner lands a hard low kick and gets cracked with a counter right in return. Tukhugov appears to have found his groove. Brenner throws an inside low kick that Tukhugov claims is low, then eats a right hand. Check hook from Tukhugov with two minutes to go.

Jab exchange. Tukhugov staying on the front foot. Combo falls short. Swatting combo by Brenner in return. Brenner tries a flying kick with a minute to go, can’t pressure Tukhugov against the fence. Left hook on the exit. 1-1-2 from Tukhugov. Brenner left hook, Tukhugov jab. Brenner backs him up and tries a couple fancy kicks before the bell. 10-9 Tukhugov.

Round three: Low kick from Tukhugov knocks Brenner off-balance. Clubbing check hook, quick jab. Heavy left hook against the fence. Tukhugov seemingly in full control, showing a speed and technique advantage. Brenner tries an uppercut. One minute in. Head kick attempt. Tukhugov’s jab is doing good work. He follows one with a level change against the fence. No dice. Spinning back fist by Brenner, who’s rebuffed on a shot. Two minutes in. Solid low kick prompts Tukhugov to shoot. Good level change to lock his hands. Holding onto the body lock as Brenner fights off his attempts to drag it south. Two minutes to go.

Tukhugov fires an uppercut on the break. Brenner not showing the urgency he needs as Tukhugov backs him to the fence and shoots again. One minute to go. Brenner peels him off with an underhook and now he’s on the attack. Solid body kick, whiffs on a head kick behind it. Tukhugov keeps his distance until the bell. 10-9 Tukhugov.

Final result: Brenner def. Tukhugov by split decision

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