Tyson Fury has been called out for repeatedly lying in interviews in a series of viral videos.

The WBC world heavyweight champion has provided plenty of entertainment inside the ring and on the microphone.

And the amount of lies told by Fury have been highlighted by @zeesthoughts, who has put together a seven-part series over on TikTok and garnered a whole lot of views in the process.

The very first lie is when Fury said he was in discussions with Conor McGregor over training him in MMA, though the Irishman completely debunked that when asked about it.

“I’ve never spoken to Tyson in my life” was the damning line from the Notorious.

He’s said he’s not motivated by money and even talked about not charging the public to watch him fight but then proceeds to demand crazy purse fees.

Fury claims he drives around in a 2007 Volkswagen Passat but then we see him in supercars.

Fury also once said he would never fight in the United Kingdom again and would only box in the United States after a slew of bouts across the pound, before later saying, “It was time to give the fans a well deserved fight at home”.

He knocked out Dillian Whyte at Wembley Stadium in April and his trilogy fight with Dereck Chisora is also on home soil.

Another gem was him saying he wouldn’t fight current pound-for-pound number one Oleksandr Usyk due to him being foreign and not speaking good English – yet he agreed to fight both Otto Wallin and Tom Schwarz, a Swede and a German.

Finally, in his controversial interview with True Geordie, Fury made it clear that he doesn’t “give one damn about legacy”.

But that’s not entirely true as he has spoke about it many a time, once stating, “I’d rather have a legacy than money” and describing himself as a “legend”.

You can’t take away what Fury has achieved in between the ropes and the way in which he came back from the lowest of lows.

But he has become boring and repetitive and the buzz surrounding him has lessened as a result.