Tyson Fury reckons his younger brother Tommy should ‘spice up’ his grudge match with Jake Paul by, well, head butting the YouTuber.

Former Love Island star Tommy will finally get to settle his differences with Jake when the two meet inside the ring in Saudi Arabia this weekend.

The duo, for whatever reason, do not like each other and have taken every opportunity given to trash-talk their rival – some of the jarring being below-the-belt, it has to be said.

The bad blood boiling under the surface has finally reached tipping point and the undefeated boxers now have the chance to get their hands on one another.

But instead of instructing his younger brother to simply out-box his opponent on fight night, heavyweight world champion Tyson Fury has a better idea.

“It’s a good fight and they’re good dance partners,” Tyson told BT Sport.

“I think Tommy needs to do a bit more talking, actually.

“Spice it up a little bit, get in his face a bit more, and ruffle his feathers. Grab him by the blonde hair and nut him maybe, I dunno.”

It pains us to admit it, but this is a fascinating match-up.

For Tommy, given his bloodline and lineage coming from a boxing family, the expectation rests squarely on his shoulders – even though he’s been relatively untested to this day.

As for Disney kid-turned-boxer Jake, he has been talking a big game and this (someone under the age of 40 who is actually a boxer) is arguably his toughest test yet.

Either way, one person will exit the arena with their undefeated record in tact – the other won’t.

“I see Tommy getting him out of there in around about five or six rounds,” Tyson added.

“I don’t think it will go early, as he (Jake) can box a little bit, I’ve seen him boxing and he’s getting better every month.

“Tommy should get to him and if he doesn’t I’d like to see a knockout either way, for sure.”