Tyson Fury has responded to Oleksandr Usyk’s video in which he accepted the Brit’s 70/30 split for an undisputed bout.

Last week, the Ukrainian WBA, IBF and WBO champion took to social media and said: “Hey, Greedy Belly. I accept your off of a 70-30 split to fight on April 29 at Wembley. But you will promise to donate £1 million to the people of Ukraine immediately after the fight.

“And for every day you delay, you will pay one per cent of your purse to the Ukrainian people. Deal?”

However, Fury appeared to reject that proposal and has named new terms. You can watch the footage below. The video contains strong language.

In a video posted on his social media accounts, Fury said: “Hi, Tyson Fury here. Just a quick one, I have been talking to the lawyers today and Usyk’s people have been talking about rematch clauses and all that b******s.

“Here’s one to up the anti, how about there is no rematch f****ing clause for both of us.

“Let’s up the antis completely, never worry about what’s in the future and how many more dollars you can get after you’ve been defeated.

“Worry about the fight, April 29th, no rematch clause. The winner takes the glory, the loser goes home with his d**k in his hand. Agree to that you f***ing b***h.”

Fans were quick to react to Fury’s video.

One said: “How about just sign a contract and have a fight… Seems like you’re looking for any excuse for this not to go ahead.”

Another tweeted: “You’ve got 70/30, sign the thing stop swerving.”

Image Credit: PA ImagesA third fan added: “Here’s the next change… 70/30 agreed. Now no rematch clause. A fight of this size would always have a rematch clause?”

Someone else wrote: “Give him the rematch clause Tyson he’s agreed 70/30.”

Whilst a fifth commented: “He will always find something to not fight.”

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