Two footballers from the same Premier League team are reportedly in a gay relationship, and they are said to be open about it with their teammates.

There are currently no out homosexual footballers in England’s top tier, and very few active players in football in general.

The teenager said that hiding his sexuality had negatively impacted his mental health and that coming out had allowed him to be himself.

There remains no out players in the Premier League at the moment, but, according to the Sun, there are two unnamed teammates in a relationship.

The report claims that the pair’s relationship is known amongst their other teammates, and no one is ‘remotely bothered’ by the situation.

However, despite getting together earlier this year, and being open in the dressing room, the two are not said to want to come out publicly, making one wonder why the report is being run.

“They did not see the need to hide from their teammates — and why should they?” a source told the newspaper.

“No one was remotely bothered about it and they had the backing of the manager and the hierarchy at the club.

“But they decided not to come out publicly — although neither are ashamed and it could happen down the line.

“During the the season they wanted to concentrate on their football.

“While making a statement would positive, it could take their attention away from their performances on the pitch.

“Their teammates have also been told not to say anything publicly to protect their privacy.”

Image: AlamyThe Match of the Day pundit said he would love it if they came out during the World Cup in Qatar, due to the country’s laws against homosexuality.

From his point of view, Cavallo said he would be concerned for his safety if he were called up by Australia to take part in the competition, which starts in just over a week.

He did not end up being named in the 26 man squad however, but his concerns for the safety of others like him continue to be valid.