A Twitter account is documenting the last touches of iconic players at their former clubs – ranging from stunning goals to crunching tackles and temper tantrums.

The Last Ever Touch page has amassed nearly 40,000 followers and well over 150,000 likes with fans calling it ‘glorious’.

Its most-liked video, taken from the 2017 Europa League final between Manchester United and Ajax, Wayne Rooney proves that even with his final touch, he can be deadly.

The former striker is introduced to the final in the 90th minute for Juan Mata and takes no time rising to the occasion as he wipes out winger Amin Younes in an excellent tackle to puts the ball out for a throw.

One United fan gushed: “Sums him up, gave it all until the end! What I’d do to have someone like him in the team again!”

Image credit: MUTVBut it’s not all rosy; Aaron Ramsey is one player who certainly won’t be relishing his last ever touch for Rangers.

Ramsey famously missed his penalty against Frankfurt in the Europa League final last year, as he fired his shot down the middle only to meet the foot of Frankfurt keeper Kevin Trapp. 

This led to the German side lifting the coveted trophy as they secured victory on penalties just moments later. Some last touches are made to be forgotten, especially this one.

One fan joked: “This night Kevin Trapp saved the life of a celebrity”, in reference to the conspiracy that a famous figure dies every time Aaron Ramsay scores a goal.

Perhaps the most impressive example is Santi Cazorla’s last touch for Arsenal during their 6-0 win over Ludogorets in 2016.

Cazorla fired the ball beautifully over the defence before Mesut Ozil brings the ball down perfectly and finishes with ease.

As one fan said, “From the pass to the first touch from Ozil to the cool head finish, everything was class.”

Steven Gerrard’s last touch for Liverpool was underwhelming, however; you might expect a screamer from 30 yards but instead he laid off his teammate before the ball was easily cleared.

Gerrard captained Liverpool this game, losing 6-1 to Stoke in what was a miserable last game for the Liverpool legend.

Fans in the comments had no mercy for Gerrard and his team with one saying, “Looks like this is a testimonial five years after he retired. Roy Kean would never have let himself go like that.”

Some the last touch examples are pure hilarity, such as Cristiano Ronaldo’s final touch for Real Madrid in the 2018 Champions League final.

As Ronaldo pushes down the right, he executes his infamous Ronaldo chop and begins to line up a shot, but what’s that? A pitch invader dubbed ‘an idiot’ by the commentators runs on, interrupting him mid-stride, leaving Ronaldo in complete shock and anger.

Ronaldo was understandably furious as his fantastic run was cancelled out – entertaining stuff, for non-Madrid fans at least.

One fan sympathised with Ronaldo, saying: “He was whining because if that guy didn’t invade the pitch, he would have the option to go either left or right.”

Fans who are desperate to see their favourite player’s last ever touch for any club they played for can send a request to the account via their pinned tweet. 

Here are some other last touches from the Twitter page.