In a piece of news that will devastate football boot enthusiasts around the world, Real Madrid midfielder Toni Kroos has ditched his battered old pair of Adidas Adipure 11pro’s.

Back in May, the 32-year-old German international appeared to damage his beloved 11pro’s – a boot that was originally released in early 2013 – during Los Blancos’ win against Liverpool in the Champions League final.

He has worn the same make of cleats since the start of the 2013/2014 season.

To give you an idea of how much Kroos loved those boots, the midfielder was given a brand new pair of 11pro’s ahead of the final in Paris, featuring stitching of the Champions League final match details including its date and location.

But instead of wearing the new design, the German decided to use his old faithfuls inside the Stade de France.

He clearly feels comfortable wearing the Adidas classics. In fact, former Madrid teammate Gareth Bale once revealed that the protective Kroos cleans his Adipure’s himself before every game.

“We think he doesn’t trust the kitman to clean them,” Bale said. “So he always cleans them himself so that they’re perfect.”

In an interview with GOAL last year, the 32-year-old World Cup winner waxed lyrically about his tools of choice.

“My boots? The truth is it’s a bit special,” Kroos said. “I have not seen another player in Real Madrid who cleans his boots every day and prepares them like that.

“My boots are the most important thing for me on the pitch, more than for other players.”

But in the Champions League final, a pair of his old Adipure 11pro’s were on the verge of unplayable, with a huge tear visible in several pictures after the full-time whistle.

Three months later and Kroos was spotted in a brand new pair of boots during Wednesday’s UEFA Super Cup final clash against Eintracht Frankfurt.

The German wore the Adidas Adipure 11pro’s with the sole plate of the Adidas AdiPure III Boots, which were released in 2010, according to Footy Headlines.

Image credit: AlamySo there we have it. Kroos is still playing in the iconic Adidas Adipure 11pro’s but the old faithfuls may have past their sell by date after four Champions League finals. A sad day.