Tommy Fury has vowed to put Jake Paul in an ambulance by the time they’re through with each other in their blockbuster fight.

The social media sensations have been locked in a bitter feud for over a year now and are finally set to get into each other.

The Problem Child has constantly been ripping into Tyson’s younger brother for the past two years, which has seen Fury pull out of a fight on two occasions.

And it seems Fury is keen to finally shut the YouTuber up and in a brutal fashion.

Fury told TMZ: “My message to Jake Paul is good luck and I hope you’ve trained and I hope you got an ambulance on speed dial because you’re gonna need it.”

Credit: REUTERS / AlamyIt’s been two years of constant online bickering and all Fury can think about is putting it to an end.

He continued: “This is all that’s been in my mind for the past two and a half, three years because I’m a professional, legitimate fighter.

“And my name has been lingering with Jake Paul for quite some time now and Jake Paul is not on my level.

“Jake Paul is not even considered a legitimate fighter and to have my name dragged through the mud with his, I want to prove a point.”

The two will finally battle it out in three weeks’ time on February 26 in Saudi Arabia.

Fury added: “In three weeks, I get my chance.

“I don’t wanna take it both hands, I wanna school this man.

“I’m gonna take him to the trenches and he will be drowned. There’s no way he can last eight rounds in the ring with me.”

Fury currently holds an eight and zero record in professional boxing, following in the footsteps of his brother Tyson with an undefeated record.

Meanwhile, Paul holds a six and zero record in professional boxing.

Although, hel is yet to take on a dedicated professional boxer.

The pair squared off against each other in a heated face-off in London last month and had to be separated by security.

Fury vowed: “Come 26th of February, this s***’s been going on too long, he’ll never box again.

“I’m not 50, I ain’t 40, I ain’t an MMA guy, I’ve been doing this my whole life and I swear to God you’re finished come 26th of February.”