Tommy Fury has hit back at KSI’s claim that he would “destroy” him, and even challenged the YouTuber to a future fight.

Fury went head-to-head with KSI’s fellow YouTuber Jake Paul on Sunday evening in what was one of the most hotly-anticipated fights in years – although boxing purists might disagree.

The build-up to the fight seemed more like a soap opera than a serious fight, with the pair mouthing off about each other for two-and-a-half years.

Paul arguably won the war of words away from the ring but it was the former Love Island star the judges decided was victorious after an eight-round bout.

Sideman star KSI – who defeated Paul’s older brother Logan by split decision back in 2019 – took to Twitter to give his reaction to the fight.

“Honestly I would destroy both Jake Paul and Tommy Fury,” KSI tweeted, alongside a laughing emoji.

The 29-year-old didn’t stop there though. He published a video in which he described both Paul and Fury as ‘trash’, before uploading another in which he said: “Jake! You see, the problem with you, man… the reason why you lost is because you weren’t drinking Prime, baby.”

Name-dropping the energy drink that he recently launched with Logan Paul was opportunistic but when it came to his assessment of Fury, the reality star-turned-boxer wasn’t overly fussed.

“KSI can sit back in his seat in London and say what he wants,” Fury said in his post-fight press conference.

“Like I said before, he can do what he wants – sparring ain’t fighting. You got to get in there to do it.

“And I’ll tell you now, if KSI wants to entertain a fight, he’s no Jake Paul. I’ll take that, no problem.”

Sitting next to Fury was his dad, John Fury. When he heard that he chimed in: “Here in Saudi Arabia… we want KSI in Saudi next.”

Watch this space.