Tommy Fury has left no stone unturned ahead of his upcoming bout with Jake Paul, according to his father and trainer John Fury, who says the light heavyweight prospect has sent “a few” of his opponents to hospital during 100 rounds of sparring.

After over a year of waiting, the long-awaited bout between Fury and Paul will take place on February 26 in Saudi Arabia.

But now, we are just over a week away from seeing two undefeated boxers go head-to-head in what will be an interesting match-up.

Some have edged towards the confident Paul ahead of fight night but Tommy’s trainer, John Fury, is confident that will not happen. In fact, the 58-year-old has delivered one of the most confident interviews we’ve seen in some time as the countdown begins.

Speaking to the Daily Mail courtesy of, the former bare-knuckle fighter has given a fascinating insight into Tommy’s camp.

“We’ve had excellent sparring,” Fury said. “People have hit him back too if you know what I am saying. We’ve had good class kids in the gym. We’ve had heavyweights in. Cruiserweights in. Light-heavyweights in. We’ve had them all.

“They’ve all been good, class, young, hungry men. But, bring it. He’s been handling them very well.

“There have been a few visits to the hospital for the sparring partners but that’s boxing. He’s been doing them some damage. We’ve had a hairline fracture in the jaw and we’ve had a few knockdowns. We’ve had a few cold knockouts from Tommy.

“He’s been destroying his sparring partners. You can ask them. He knows who they are. They know whether Tommy is the real deal or not.”

Fury says they’ve had a “fabulous” camp ahead of the fight in Saudi Arabia and everything has gone to plan.

“It’s all been intelligent, hard, brutal stuff we have been doing,” he added. “We are training for Jake Paul like it’s the light-heavyweight championship of the world.

“He’s [Tommy] done over 100 rounds of sparring. He has run every day. We’ve done circuit training. We have done all kinds of training. We’ve not left a stone unturned.

“That’s what I don’t do. I want my son turned out in perfect condition after everything we have done in the gym.

John confirmed Tommy would be forced to retire if he lost to Paul and claimed his ‘career would be over’ if it happened.

He said: “Listen, losing is not an option for Tommy. But for some miraculous reason Tommy loses, it would be over for him. It would have to be. It’s the easiest fight in the world for Tommy.

“Tommy knows he can beat the likes of Jake Paul. He knows he’s a level above him. The people we have been dealing with, those sparring partners would play with Jake Paul.

“Jake Paul is what they call a learner. He has L plates on in the boxing game. It’s going to be a while before he takes them plates off.”


John added: “I know Tommy. He’s only had eight fights in five years but that is down to his promoters. That’s down to his managers. It’s nothing to do with me.

“You know something, he could beat this guy even if he hadn’t been in the ring for five years. At the end of the day, I just don’t give him a chance.

“There is no way he can beat Tommy. After what I have been seeing in the gym, there is no way he can. He’ll be lucky to even land a punch on Tommy. The first time Tommy connects with the right it will be over.”

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