Tommy Fury’s upcoming bout on the Mayweather vs Deji undercard is reportedly in jeopardy after he weighed in 7lb overweight.

The 23-year-old fighter [8-0-0] is scheduled to face Paul Bamba in a light-heavyweight contest on Sunday night’s card at the Coca-Cola Arena, Dubai.

But it appears Fury weighing in over the 175lb mark has caused compilations, with Bamba saying he wants 20 percent of Fury’s purse if the fight goes ahead due to ‘unfair’ weight variation.

In an interview with Boxing Social after the weigh-in, Bamba said: “I just wanted to let it be known, my opponent did not make his contracted weight. There might not be a fight tomorrow night if they can’t come to an agreement with me.

“I’m going through the motions and I’m being respectful right now, but at the end of the day a contract is a contract.”

He added: “I weighed in right under 175lbs, apparently he weighed in at 82.3kgs (181.4lbs) which is about 6.5lbs over the weight limit. He’s about to rehydrate. I’m not a sucker and I’m not a journeyman.

“So hopefully they sort it all out and then we’ll have a fight. If not, we will not.”

Bamba, who stepped on the scales at 174.6lbs, isn’t letting this one go, that’s for sure. During this weekend’s weigh-in, he made his feelings known about the 181.4lb Fury.

As the American stood next to ‘TNT’, he said: “You don’t make weight. It sucks. You are about 7lbs overweight and I want the world to know. Everyone is going to find out.”

Fury, meanwhile, promised a “big dirty knockout” on the night. “I am ready to go and will put a huge show on,” he said. “I have trained eight weeks for this.”

You can see that heated moment below.

Fury will be hoping that all goes to plan on Sunday night, with potential opponent Jake Paul set to be ringside in Dubai.

During an interview with Global Titans this week, Tommy said he would “jump out at ringside and slap him [Paul] in the face” after his scheduled bout with Bamba.

He added: “I’m not interested who’s there. There could be a million Jake Paul’s sat ringside, my mindset is laser focused on Paul Bamba and getting him out the way. Then I’ll jump out at ringside and slap him in the face.

“I’m not interested in all this bullsh*t that people keep saying. I’ve heard it for two years now with Jake Paul this, Jake Paul that. If we’re not in the ring, I don’t give a sh!t. Think about my life, every single day of my life, ‘When are you fighting Jake?’ I’m not interested. I’ll fight him right now, no problem, because there’s no-one on this stage or anyone in the country who is built like us.”

Image credit: Deji/YouTubeHe added: “When you sign to fight us, you’re going to have to kill us. I know it’s early on in my career, but you’re going to see the same characteristics that you see in Tyson in me.

“You have to knock us dead to the floor for us not to get up and people can laugh and take that whatever way they want, but if you come up against the last name Fury, you’re in for a fight.”

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