Former Arsenal defender William Gallas claims that Gunners star Bukayo Saka is ‘overvalued’ in the current transfer market.

Saka has been one of Arsenal’s top stars this season, scoring 10 goals and providing nine assists in 26 Premier League appearances.

According to The Athletic, the 21-year-old has agreed a new long-term contract at the club, with his current deal due to expire next summer.

The club are yet to finalise Saka’s new deal, although it is claimed that an agreement is in place with only small details still to be smoothed over.

The forward is one of the top young players, and is valued as such in the market, with Transfermarkt adjudging him to be worth €100 million.

However, Gallas, who made 142 appearances for the Gunners between 2006 and 2010, has a problem with the general valuations of players in today’s market – and cited Saka as an example.

Gallas criticises Saka value

Speaking to Genting Casino, Gallas cited Saka’s lack of trophy-winning experience as a reason why his value should be lower: “I always have a problem with the value of a player.

“If Saka already costs £100 million at 21 years old and he carries on developing at the rate he is now, how much will he be in five years? £300 or £400 million? Come on, come on. This is getting ridiculous!

“Sometimes clubs are very clever because everybody is desperate to sign players for big fees, but sometimes these players disappear.

“I don’t want to see a player like Saka, who is a really good young player who is improving every game, disappear in a few years.

“Don’t put too much pressure on his shoulders, that always comes from the media and you never know what that impact will be on the players. You need to give players time to prove, to get more experience, to be strong, to deal with all that pressure on their shoulders.

“Cristiano Ronaldo was very strong when he moved to Real Madrid from Manchester United, but he had already won a Ballon d’Or.

“His value was around £80 million and that was his real value. Nowadays, £100 million players haven’t won anything yet! So that is why I have a problem with it.”