The term ‘Themchester United’ has started trending on Twitter following Sam Smith’s recent interview on The One Show.

Smith left viewers divided after correcting BBC co-host Alex Jones for calling them a ‘fisherman’, instead of a ‘fisher-them’.

When footage of the exchange made its way onto social media, it instantly went viral.

And it seems even football fans are having their say on the matter with the phrase ‘Themchester United’ now trending on Twitter.

During their appearance on The One Show, the non-binary singer was seemingly misgendered when asked about their secret love for fishing.

Co-ost Ronan Keating asked Smith: “You’re a big fan of fishing?”

To which they replied: “I do love fishing, yes! Yeah, I’d love to be a fisher-them.”

Jones then asked: “What, like a fly fisherman?”

Smith then corrected her, saying: “I’d be any type of fisher-them.

“I think I would like to, one day, I’d just like to end my days fishing.

“Like sitting on a bank.”

They added: “I do it on the sea and I do it on lakes. I’ve never done it alone, someone’s almost taught me.”

Piers Morgan initially lead the chorus of people calling out the singer, tweeting: “Sam Smith needs to shut up.”

But it wasn’t long before football fans got involved, taking a leaf out of Smith’s book by swapping out the ‘man’ from ‘Manchester United’ and ‘Manchester City’ and exchanging it with ‘them’.

One bloke posted a picture of Sergio Aguero wheeling away in celebration after scoring that iconic last-gasp goal to win the title for City on the final day of the campaign.

The caption read: “What a moment when Themchester City snatched the title from rivals Themchester United in the last minute of the season!”

Meanwhile, another person said: “The absolute scenes when Themchester United win the Europa League.”

As another added: “I can’t wait for tonight’s game against Barcelona vs Themchester United.”

While a third asked: “Binthem, Policethem, Themchester United. Where does it end?”

It wasn’t long before social media sleuths started getting involved too, churning out countless memes about it.

However, not everyone was onboard with slating Smith.

When he initially made the comments, some viewers leapt to their defence, replying to Morgan’s tweet: “The fact that this bothers you so much says more about you than it does about Sam Smith.”

A second person added: “True that man, I didn’t hear anything wrong with what they said at all! I love fishing too!”

While a third said: “I think it makes sense… fisherman / fisherwoman / fisherthem…”