The World Boxing Council has created a new championship belt for Sunday’s huge grudge match between Jake Paul and Tommy Fury.

Both men are already in the country to prepare for what is the biggest fight of their respective careers so far. It’ll be the first time Paul has fought a professional boxer after taking on MMA fighters Ben Askren, Tyron Woodley and Anderson Silva.

Fury, meanwhile, is the half-brother of WBC heavyweight champion Tyson and his family legacy is on the line. It’ll be tense inside the Diriyah Arena, that’s for sure.

It’s now been revealed the WBC will be giving the victor a commemorative belt. Named the ‘Diriyah Championship’, it has the fight’s February 26 date engraved on it below the WBC logo.

Paul sent a final message to his foe before their press conference on Thursday, claiming to know the exact round he’ll knock him out.

The self-proclaimed ‘Problem Child’ told Fury he would end up retiring after losing on Sunday. He then claimed ‘TNT’ won’t know what to do when in the ring without the support of his family.

Paul explained in a video posted to Instagram: “Tommy, I hope you’ve enjoyed these last few moments of your career. This is it. You’re going to be retired from boxing after this, you’re gonna be disowned by your family, and you’re gonna go back to your mother’s maiden name.

We’re days away from Fury vs Paul. (Image Credit: Alamy)”There’s nothing else that can save you. It is just me and you. Your brother is not in the ring anymore with you. Your dad’s not in the ring with you anymore. Molly’s not in the ring with you anymore. Bambiisn’t in the ring with you anymore.

“So all that little cute motivation about having a child and fighting for her. All that sh*t goes out the window when I’m coming to take your f**king head off, decapitate you, I’m a mean, angry person deep down, I’m gonna take out all of it on your f**king face.”

He added: “And guess what? Me winning this fight is for the higher benevolent good of the universe. And so it’s not just me in the ring. It’s all my guidance. It’s all my ancestors. It’s all my spiritual helpers. It’s all the people protecting me. And together we are going to f**k you up.

“You have four rounds and then you are f**ked. Tommy Fury. This is it for you.”

Paul will officially enter the WBC cruiserweight rankings if he extends his record to 7-0. Fury, meanwhile, holds an 8-0 record.