Antonio “Bigfoot” Silva will stop at nothing to try his hand in every combat sport imaginable … it’s seemed that way since his Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) days, anyway.

After recently announcing his official retirement from mixed martial arts (MMA), Dana White’s Power Slap League burst onto the scene and Silva appears to have taken note. The Brazilian giant took to his Instagram today as seen in the post embedded above, declaring that no one could handle one of his massive-handed slaps.

“There is not a human being on earth who could survive my slap!” Silva said.

Silva has lost 11 overall combat sports bouts in a row dating back to his last UFC win over Soa Palelei in Aug. 2015. The one-time UFC Heavyweight title challenger has competed in bare-knuckle boxing, boxing, and kickboxing during the span.

Striking arts may finally be out of the realm of possibility for the 43-year-old Silva, depending on how serious his post is. As for lined-up appearances, Silva is set to compete in a grappling match opposite Haim Gozali for BRAVE Combat Federation at some point in 2023.

Silva last fought in July 2022, taking on Vyacheslav Datsik in a boxing match. Datski scored the technical knockout win just 44 seconds into round two of the contest.

White’s aforementioned Power Slap has only aired two episodes since its Jan. 18, 2023 launch on TBS. Debut ratings weren’t promising and payout rumblings have since surfaced to even less fanfare. Unfortunately, there looks to be no reason why White and company wouldn’t pursue getting Silva involved in the slapping action.