Tommy Fury has split opinion over his ‘treatment’ of partner Molly-Mae Hague, and daughter Bambi, ahead of his fight with Jake Paul.

Sunday should end a bitter rivalry between Fury and Paul that has spread across social media and into the sport of boxing, at least one hopes it’s the end.

They will finally meet in the ring after two previous cancelled attempts to fight, after a couple of years of brutal attacks across Instagram, Twitter and TikTok, even forcing Molly-Mae to block Paul from her accounts.

Fury has clearly been taking the fight very seriously, with a very professional approach to his preparation, and explained how that has meant sacrifices.

The main one has been time away from Molly-Mae, who he met on Love Island, and their four week old baby, praising his partner for looking after their daughter without him, as you can hear in the video below.

“You know, Molly’s took it upon herself to deal with everything herself,” he told BBC News.

“You know, she hasn’t bothered me once about anything. She’s been absolutely amazing. She’s got through everything by herself. And I think people need to stand up and give her a lot of credit for that.

“Because she’s a young girl, and she has been doing mostly by itself at this stage, just because I’ve been in training camp. And it’s it’s such a serious fight that you can break training camp and these are the sort of sacrifices that I’ve made in the lead up to this, sacrificing being there.

“It is what it is, what can you do, it’s a massive fight, but I’ll make up for that time when I’m home.

“But you know, everyone will see the sacrifices come Sunday night.”

Please someone make sure only one man’s arm is raised on Sunday. Image: AlamyWhilst boxers having to sacrifice time with their family during training camp is nothing new, the addition of Molly-Mae into the conversation really changed the narrative.

“Molly-Mae say swear you’re still with him? He’s prioritising his career over you and your child and is bragging about it?? The embarrassment,” one fan said.

“‘She hasn’t bothered me once about anything,’ let this be a reminder for women. When you ask for nothing, a man will make it his mission to give you even less,” a second added.

A third simply posted, “For her sake I hope she realises she deserves better.”

“I am flabbergasted. ‘The sacrifice I’ll make for this fight,’ Bro, your other half was giving birth to your first baby! A whole human. Fights can be moved, training can be halted or rescheduled. Molly-Mae will never forget this experience how sad for her,” replied a fourth.

However, fans on the other side of the argument were pointing out that this is normal for those in boxing, “This is literally the norm at the elite level. Some fighters go months without seeing their family as they train in different countries,” explained one.

Realising that the other comments were from those not used to boxer norms another sniped, “Love Island Twitter user discovers commitment to being an athlete.”

“Every professional athlete goes thru this guys, EVERY last one,” exclaimed a third.

A fourth argued, “I don’t see the issue here I’m sure when the fight date was agreed both were fully aware that baby would be just weeks old, and Molly has spoken about the amount the time he often has to spend away when prepping for a fight.

“It’s his job and she knows what comes with that.”