A taxi driver was once left extremely disappointed by Bayern Munich star Manuel Neuer, after driving out of his way to return the goalkeeper’s wallet.

The end of Neuer’s 2022 didn’t go well at all, having been part of the Germany side who were knocked out of the World Cup at the group stages, and will get to see it all again in a documentary.

It was the second World Cup in-a-row that it happened to them, having been reigning champions when it happened in 2018, and means they haven’t played a knockout game in eight years already.

Life went from bad to worse for the 36-year-old, after he broke his leg during a skiing trip, whilst on holiday following his side’s elimination from the tournament in Qatar.

But it wasn’t the only incident that befell the former Schalke goalkeeper on his travels last year, although the previous incident was much more local.

Back in July last year, Sky Germany reported on a story about a taxi driver, named as ‘Hazir S,’ picking up the keeper and a friend from Munich’s Odeonsplatz to an apartment building in the Lehel district.

After dropping the star off at the apartment, having recognised who Neuer was but not speaking to him about it, Hazir carried on the rest of his shift.

Once his day was done, the taxi driver cleaned his car out and it was at that point that he found Neuer had dropped his wallet in the cab.

Image credit: AlamyThe Bayern star’s name and address were clearly on the cards, which Visa Card Platinum and a black Mastercard, and there was also ‘probably’ €800 inside in cash.

Hazir then made a 120 km journey to go and deliver the wallet back to Neuer, actually taking it to his manager in Tegernsee – a town in the Miesbach district of Bavaria.

The driver gave over his contact details whilst delivering the wallet back and might have been hoping for a reward from the two times Champions League winner.

Two weeks later, Hazir was left ‘outraged’ after he received a Bayern shirt in the mail without comment.

“This finder’s fee is a mockery. I have four children,” he said via Sky Germany. “I can’t do anything with the jersey.”

Neuer may have got his wallet back, but he also probably lost a fan. Image: AlamyAccording to the report, he spent €400 returning the wallet to the player, so it’s perhaps understandable if he wasn’t all too impressed to get a replica kit.

By law, a finder with a value of €500 is entitled to five percent of the total value. For everything over €500, there is only an additional three percent.

So five percent of the €500 found in Neuer’s wallet corresponds to €25 and for the remaining amount of €300, three percent is added – which is €9.

If you do the math, this means the finder is entitled to €34, which is generally less than the market value of a FC Bayern jersey shirt.