Jake Paul’s opponent Hasim Rahman Jr could end up with an embarrassingly low purse of just $5,000 due to strict rules in place for their fight.

Image: AlamyBut Rahman, son of a boxing legend with the very same name, could end up with peanuts due to some sanctions imposed.

‘Gold Blooded’ normally fights at heavyweight and his highest ever weight was a massive 269lbs.

His last bout, a defeat to Kenzie Morrison, saw him come in at 224lbs. This time, the 31-year-old needs to get all the way down to 200lbs or else his bank balance will not increasing much at all.

“I am being fined, after four ounces, every pound over I lose 25 per cent of my purse,” Rahman revealed on The MMA Hour.

“They leave a lot of stuff out when you’re dealing with Jake Paul and his antics. For example, if I came in at 202lb for the weigh in, and then 216lb for the rehydration weigh-in then I would get the minimum, which I think is $5,000.

“That’s because of two pounds they are that scared. They want to put all that pressure on me to make the weight to say ‘you’re losing 25 per cent for every pound you’re over’, so if I come in 204lb, I get the bare minimum which is capped at $5,000. It’s a lot that goes into these fights.”