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Jake Paul vs. Anderson Silva is set to be a major marquee event. Dismiss the fight as more nonsense if you’d like, but Paul is an established draw, and Silva is far and away the biggest challenge of his young career yet. It’s an intriguing match up of wildly different personalities, and the tickets are selling very well.

However, the fight is quite simply at risk. Silva confessed to being knocked out more than once in training, and even if he walked back those comments, “The Spider” drew a bit too much attention to himself anyway. Earlier today, the Arizona Boxing Commission held an emergency meeting to discuss the bout, which seemingly threatens to cancel the whole affair.

There’s yet to be any official news from that meeting.

That would be bad news for everyone involved, but especially Paul, whose planned scraps with Tommy Fury and Hasim Rahman Jr. have already been cancelled this year. Fortunately, Paul is firm about the show continuing on, and he took to Twitter to reassure fight fans that the main event wasn’t going anywhere.

“Stop playing with me!” Paul tweeted. “#PaulSilva is 1000% happening.”

Stay tuned for further confirmation or cancellation.


I don’t mean to endorse pirating on an official article, but if Bellator tape delays their product, they are asking for the true hardcore fans to watch on some crappy, porn-ad-filled 480p stream. NOBODY WANTS THAT!

I agree with Josh that #RIZINvsBellator is a great event that is worth covering and I will definitely be watching and reporting the results of the event.

Problem is, it isn’t slated to air in the U.S. until several hours after the event concludes (release states 8:00 pm ET)


— Aaron Bronsteter (@aaronbronsteter) October 27, 2022

Khalil Rountree fights Dustin Jacoby Jr. this weekend, which should be very entertaining.

As always, salute to all the mitt men braving injury and horrific wrist/shoulder pain to prepare our favorite athletes.

Islam Makhachev always had a foolproof backup plan to capture the Lightweight belt.

I don’t know that I necessarily love the idea of pitting older Muay Thai legends against one another sans-gloves, but if BKFC is going to expand into Muay Thai, I am more inclined to watch.

The biggest Muay Thai bout in history has just been made – Buakaw vs. Saenchai is set for March 28th, 2023!

Oh yea, it’s bare knuckle Muay Thai!

— Bare Knuckle FC (@bareknucklefc) October 26, 2022

Never a bad time to mock Dillon Danis.

… or Brendan Schaub.

Umar Nurmagomedov isn’t impressed by the new UFC rankings.

How can Sean O Malley be #1 in the division when there are many other monsters that can eat him?

— Umar Nurmagomedov (@UNmgdv) October 26, 2022

Slips, rips, and KO clips

It’s becoming hard to keep track of all the badass Nurmagomedovs climbing the ranks.

Once you square up with someone, you cannot be surprised if they pop you!

The biggest thing I got from these clips is a reminder of just how much more measured/intelligent of a fighter Alexander Volkanovski has grown to be since his early UFC fights.

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Combative kitty on a skateboard!

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