Premier League legend Steven Gerrard has allegedly been caught on video partying with the head of an Irish drug cartel.

The Aston Villa manager can be seen in a FaceTime call speaking with a fan whilst sharing a table with Liam Byrne, as per Daily Mail.

Within the video, the Liverpool great kisses the screen whilst Byrne, who is allegedly a member of the Kinahan Organised Crime Group, gives a thumbs up.

Byrne then offers to organise a dinner between the fan and the former footballer while Gerrard says he will try to get the supporter to a game with the Reds.

As reported by Daily Mail, there is no indication of Gerrard’s involvement in crime or that he has knowledge of Bryne’s alleged criminal activities. 

Credit: eric mccowat / AlamyThe publication also reports that the former Liverpool midfielder’s daughter Lilly-Ella is dating Byrne’s son Lee. 

There is no suggestion that either Lee or Lilly-Ella are involved in organised crime. 

Byrne is allegedly the right-hand man of Daniel Kinahan who runs the crime group, obtaining that position after his brother-in-law Thomas Kavanagh was jailed in 2019 for possession of a stun gun.

The 41-year-old is believed to have moved to the UK after the Criminal Assets Bureau confiscated his Raleigh Square home. 

The Bureau also confiscated a number of high-end assets such as vehicles and jewellery as well as his bank account.

Byrne has suffered two convictions both when he was a teenager.

At the age of 18 he and Ireland under-16 captain Liam Greenhalgh carried out armed robberies on two shops in Dublin, according to the Irish Times. 

Credit: Jim Sharing/FacebookHe pleaded guilty to the charges and was given a suspended sentence of four years back in January 2000. 

In April 2000 he was allegedly involved with the assault of Trevor Donnelly. 

Pulling up in his car he began beating Donnelly with a baseball bat as his victim’s partner Jennifer Doyle watched on and pleaded for him to stop.

As per the Irish Times, fifty people witness the assault but only Doyle and Donnelly testified. 

Upon being brought before the court his suspended sentence was activated and he was jailed in May 2000.