Smartico is introducing new additions to its gamification solutions

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Let’s face it! Surveys asking customers to rate their experiences of using a site aren’t enough to encourage them to repeat their visit. They often feel like a waste of time for customers. On the flipside, it is also easy to overdo Customer Relationship Management (CRM) by applying aggressive email marketing and pushing notifications, which more often than not lead to frustration.

Gamification Spices Up Experiences

Smartico provides perfectly balanced solutions that ensure customers leave satisfied and that they are likely to return. The secret lies in gamification.

Gamification allows for a seamless integration of retention tools that do not interrupt – and thus deteriorate – customer experience. Not only that, but it also makes playing more entertaining, as the thrill does not stop with leaving the website. With services such as Tournaments, Missions and a designated Marketplace, players can collect points through playing, participate in tournaments, progress in missions, collect badges and spend their points for prizes.

Smartico’s Portfolio

Smartico offers an extensive portfolio of Gamification & Loyalty solutions, including personalized marketing, retention tools, automation and many others.

Beyond the above-mentioned Tournaments and Marketplace solutions, Smartico also provides Real Time Marketing, Automation and an Affiliate Management System. Additionally, Smartico’s services are available for mobile applications and brick-and-mortar stores as well.

The New ‘Scratch & Catch’

Smartico is constantly introducing new features to its Gamification services. The company describes its newest addition as follows:

“Another gamification feature from Smartico’s portfolio are the Loyalty Mini Games. Along with the well established and popular Spin the Wheel, a new mini game was recently introduced. Scratch & Catch adds another dimension with a winк аt the classic paper scratch card lovers. With its fully customizable layout and flexibility it offers the personalization and attention to detail the users would appreciate. Offered as a bonus or a compliment upon achievement, Scratch & Catch could diversify the classic marketing campaigns and boost users’ engagement and dedication. Smartico Random Number Generator is certified by BMM testlabs and will ensure fair probability and results based on the operators stock items for each prize.”

To sum up

Gamification is an exceptional tool that elevates Customer Relationship Management to a new level. Smartico’s Gamification & Loyalty solutions provide everything gambling operators may need to ensure the best customer experience, bringing players back repeatedly.

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