Former Crystal Palace owner Simon Jordan came head-to-head with a passionate Man City fan regarding their allegations of financial wrongdoing from the Premier League.

Speaking on talkSPORT on Tuesday evening, Manchester City fan Joe declared that the Premier League had failed to give his club ‘a fair shake of the stick’ and slammed the FFP rules that have hindered his club.

After coming head-to-head with regards to the alleged illegal payments made to former Manchester City boss Roberto Mancini, City fan Joe went on to describe the Premier League as a cartel:

“Everything is a cartel. The Premier League would love it if they had their four teams competing for the Premier League every year and everyone else was just left to suck it.”

Jordan slammed the comments as “ridiculous” before making the following statement:

“The bottom line is you don’t like the rules. You think the rules are weighted against you, you talk about Chelsea firing managers and paying off £160M which has got nothing to do with the price of cheese.

“You are being alleged that you have misrepresented sponsorships, misrepresented contracts that players and managers have been on and you know what, it’s really easy to prove if you haven’t done it.”

The two continue to go back and forth with regards to the alleged financial wrongdoing, with Jordan adamant that City haven’t been hard done by, instead correctly punished for their illegalities on a footballing front.

The full exchange can be viewed below.