There will be a public holiday in Saudi Arabia on Wednesday, after the team caused one of the biggest shocks in World Cup history on Tuesday afternoon.

Fans around the world couldn’t believe what was happening in the day’s earliest kick off in the World Cup, as Argentina were defeated in their first group game.

Even Lionel Messi opening the scoring, and numerous rightly disallowed goals for the South Americans, couldn’t stop their opponents, ranked 50 places below them in the FIFA rankings.

Unsurprisingly fans at the ground, who outnumbered their Argentine rivals due to the close proximity between Saudi Arabia and Qatar, were in high spirits.

No doubt their celebrations will be lasting long into the night, and now they’ll even be allowed to carry on until Wednesday in Saudi Arabia.

King Salman has announced a public holiday in the Middle Eastern country in order to celebrate the historic victory over the two time world champions.

The holiday applies to all those in public and private sectors, as well as students in the country. That’s definitely better than a snow day.

Saudi Arabia players celebrate their win. Image: AlamySpeaking after the win, Saudi manager Herve Renard, a two time African Cup of Nations winner, was unsurprisingly full of praise for his players.

“Congratulations to these fantastic players,” Renard said.

“I decided to come to this country three and a half years ago and since this time I’ve had the management, amazing president and the ministry of sport were always behind us.

“Even when we visit our prince two, three weeks ago he didn’t put any pressure on us.

“This is the way you have to work in football because when you are putting too much pressure it’s not working all the time.

“We prepared very well and today all the stars in the sky were in the same line for us.

“But don’t forget Argentina are still a fantastic team. They came here without losing lose any game in 36 and they are South American champions.

“They have amazing players, but this is football. Sometimes things completely crazy can happen.”

Next up his side face Poland on Saturday and then Mexico the following Wednesday. Having beaten one of the tournament favourites already, they’re sure to show no fear as they attempt to get out of the group stages.