Paul Gallen and Justin Hodges have come to blows during the press conference for Thursday (September 15) night’s huge double-fight.

The Cronulla Sharks legend is set to take on both Ben Hannant and Justin Hodges on the same evening.

However, the former Blues and Maroons players decided they wanted to get the fight started early.

Gallen and Hodges began to squabble about who was the better footy leader back in their heyday, with the former NSW player claiming it was easy for Hodges’ to be captain with so much talent around him. 

Hodges rebuked the claim by stating he had run past Gallen many times during their clashes, to which the former premiership winner replied: “Run at me now then.”

That comment sparked a fiery reaction from both fighters as they rose out of their seat making their way over to each other for a bit of push and shove.

Promoter Matt Rose quickly separated them as they returned to their seats.

Questions have to be raised about the validity of the quarrel, considering how easily both fighters backed down without hesitation while everyone else looked pretty nonchalant about the whole situation. 

However, the former Maroons player decided he had enough as he exited the conference by calling Gallen a ‘f***ing bum’.

On his way out, Gallen gave him a brutal parting message.

Credit: Main Event/Twitter.He said: “Make sure you kiss your kids goodnight before you go to the boxing fight mate.”

Gal had reason to be a little extra irritated after No Limit promoter Matt Rose reaffirmed his plans to keep tight-lipped on who would be Gallen’s first fight of the night.

While the former NRL legend has been told he’ll have a minimum of one hour in between the first and second fights, he won’t know who his opposite number is for the opening matchup until he is in the ring.

Rose said: “I know Gal is not going to like that but it is what it is and I think it’ll make for an enjoyable night and it’s all about entertainment. A bit of WWE there.”

Gallen responded: “I’m used to it. It’s been an issue between me and No Limit for the past three or four weeks. I’ve been trying to get information out of them, I can’t get any.

“I found out a week ago I’m going to have an hour’s break in between the fights, that’s all I’m going to worry about.

“Both of these guys can come in when they want. They can tag team if they want, I’ll knock both of them out.

“That’s all that matters. I get the win on Thursday night, I get to leave here, get paid, get home safe and sound, that’s all I care about.”