KSI and his Misfits Boxing promotion are putting on a tag team boxing match at the weekend, and the rules for the match have been revealed.

Oh, you didn’t know? Ladies and gentleman, boys and girls, children of all ages, KSI proudly brings to you, the Misfits, tag teams champions of the world.

Four competitors against each other, two men in the ring at anyone time and being able to tag in and out, rather than a tornado tag match.

At the weekend it was nonsense trying to pretend it was real boxing but at least when the YouTubers get together on KSI’s Misfits cards it doesn’t try to be anything else, and maybe Jake Paul should fight the Londoner.

On Saturday night, the co-owner of Prime is putting on a show at the Telford International Centre headlined by Jay Swingler vs Nichlmao, and if you know who they are you’re likely younger than me.

The undercard will include Luis Alcarez Pineda and BDave, again I’m absolutely lost, against Ice Poseidon and Anthony Vargas, going as ‘D-Generation Ice,’ Triple H and Shawn Michaels they are not.

According to talkSPORT, the rules for the fight have now been confirmed, which includes the fact that if one person is knocked out, it means his partner is done as well and that’s the end of the fight.

Pineda fought KSI when the YouTuber won two fights in one night, and is now taking part in the tag team event. Image: AlamyIt’s one-on-one and the other partner will be stood on the outside of the ring, on the apron, by their corner, much like in wrestling.

Fighters can’t tag in and out when the fight is going on, and only during pauses and moments of inactivity, and the tagging takes place by the active boxer lifting their arm straight up and keeping it there.

The opponents have to stand in a neutral corner whilst the tag is going on, and can’t do their own tag during that time, but there is no limit to the amount of tags.

Boxers can’t be tagging out during a referee’s count, so it’s basically during breaks after clinching, which means there could have been plenty during the Jake Paul vs Tommy Fury fight.

At the end of the fight the winners will be determined as a normal fight, with the scoring being done as if each team is just one boxer.

Now that’s all sorted you can sit back and enjoy it, or maybe not.