Fans have given their honest reviews on the Qatar World Cup’s £175 a night fan village, and it is not good reading for the organisers.

BBC posted a video showing the fan village and the tents that supporters will be sleeping in.

The tents are not air-conditioned and fans will only be given a fan to cool themselves down in the middle of the desert. A pad lock is given as security to lock their tents.

Most people were not happy with what they had paid for.

A fan from Japan said: “I cannot change where to stay right now so I have to accept it and wait for Japan’s match.

“I’ll only be here for sleep. I’ll go out and explore the city – I don’t want to stay here.”

Pedro and Fatima, who traveled to Qatar from Spain to support Mexico said: “It costs about £175 a night. To be honest it wasn’t what I expected. When you see the pictures and read the description – and it’s a Fifa World Cup – you expect a little bit of quality.

“This is like a sub-par hostel that you can find backpacking across the world.”

Pedro added: “It’s like being in a greenhouse, so we weren’t able to sleep past 9am even though we were exhausted because of the flight.”

Whilst Fatima said: “There’s no organisation whatsoever, no one knows anything.

“The stores are closed, and there’s no drinking water. This is really, definitely, not what we paid for.”

Djamal, who travelled from Paris and paid £2,700 for a three-week stay left after less than 24 hours.

He said: “For me it’s not a good experience. There’s no shower gel, no toothbrush, no toothpaste.”

Some fans reacted on social media.

One said: “Maaaaan 3000$ to sleep in a tent when its like 40° degrees outside, the 220B Worldcup looks like its got some water al ready in the boat.”

Another one tweeted: “The beach canopy beds look nice, but the tents nah I couldn’t do it personally. I’m just not that strong!”

This is yet another dark cloud over Qatar’s World Cup, the tournament’s host country have received a never-ending list of criticism over the last few months.

The football will get underway this afternoon as Qatar take on Ecuador in the curtain raiser.