Poland star Piotr Zielinski is a brilliant footballer but quite possibly an even better human being.

The Napoli midfielder scored his first ever World Cup goal in Poland’s 2-0 win over Saudi Arabia in Group C.

And after his strike, social media has been made aware of just how humble and generous the 28-year-old is away from the pitch.

As reported by Sport.Pl, Zielinski has his own charity called the “Peter Pan” foundation – relating to what his first name would translate to in English.

Using his own money, Zielinski purchased and renovated two buildings which he turned into orphanages for children who have had a difficult upbringing.

The charity is based in Ząbkowice and helps youngsters whose families have been affected by alcoholism, substance abuse and other “pathological” issues.

“We want to provide psychological and organisational support not only to [the children in need] but also to their families, regardless of whether they have been affected by disease, poverty or crisis in their relations with the social environment” – the Peter Pan Foundation’s website explains.

“We believe that emotional and substantive support will allow them to survive a hard time, take advantage of difficult experiences, and cope better in life. We believe that by building a network of volunteers, we will be able to maintain and multiply the aid provided.”

Zielinski’s parents have fostered children since 2002 and they run the charity and look after kids on a day-to-day business while he is off representing Napoli and Poland.

He is very much involved, however and regularly spends time with the children at the centre whenever he can, donating electronic items and playing football.

Zielinski does not advertise his work and gives back because he enjoys it.

Image: AlamyWhen he was growing up and his parents had a family emergency room, an eight-year-old Zielinski was a little jealous and stuck labels on items of furniture because he didn’t want foster siblings going near them.

That was a long time ago now as Zielinski has made it his mission to give children in need the care they deserve.