Paddy Pimblett loves to eat.

Unfortunately his “eating disorder” got the best of him ahead of his decision win over Julian Erosa at Cage Warriors “Unplugged” back in late 2016, leading “The Baddy” to pop a couple of chocolates and chase it with hot cocoa before throwing hands inside the cage.

Good thing he wasn’t sponsored by Pepto-Bismol.

“I think that was the most viewed clip of me on YouTube,” Pimblett told BT Sport back in 2021. “It wasn’t blood, I just didn’t listen to anyone and drank hot chocolate and ate Ferrero Rocher on the way to the venue. It just came out all brown, looked red on YouTube and everyone’s like, ‘he puked blood.’”

I guess it’s better than … whatever you want to call this.

The crowd was kind enough to applaud and not follow suit, which fans of Stand By Me will know takes one raw egg, a bottle of castor oil, and a few dozen blueberry pies to get started (pour one out for the Benevolent Order of Antelopes).

Pimblett is expected to make his Octagon return later this year.