People think Logan Paul prefers KSI to his own brother Jake after his recent appearance on the ‘IMPAULSIVE’ podcast.

The episode with ‘The Problem Child’ dropped earlier this week and saw the YouTuber-turned-professional boxer discuss his scheduled fight with Hasim Rahman Jr which ended up being postponed.

The brothers, along with co-hosts Mike Majlak and George Janko, had an in-depth conversation about a range of topics and of course the feud with KSI got a mention.

On the podcast, Paul pulled no punches with his thoughts on KSI’s rap career and then moved on to his foray into boxing – which includes a win over his elder brother.

Image: Alamy”He hasn’t really done s**t though, he got a controversial win because Logan got two points deducted. That’s the only reason he won and Logan wasn’t nearly the fighter he is now. If Logan and KSI fought again right now, Logan would beat the f*** out of him.”

WWE superstar Logan, now in partnership and on very good terms with KSI with the Prime energy drink, then interrupted to say, ‘I don’t want no part in this”.

Jake went on: “You’re not having a part in this, this is my opinion. He won, kind of, whatever. Everyone thinks he’s like this tough kid and when he steps into the ring with me I’m going to expose him for the f*****g b**** he is. I knock him out in two rounds easy.”

But Logan had to interject again, saying: “Hold on a second, that’s my business partner and I will say this, I told you to keep me out of this.”

Paul finished by claiming he would bet $1 million dollars on KSI not fighting him. And fans on TikTok reckon it’s pretty apparent that Logan is more keen on KSI, his former foe, than his sibling.

A user wrote: “Logan really seems like he can’t stand Jake in this.”

A second said: “Love how logan says “that’s my partner u [sic] talkin abt [sic].”

A third commented: “Imagine Logan standing in JJ‘s corner when he fights Jake.”

A fourth added: “I like how logan stopped him half way and said that’s my business partner [laughing emoji].”