Jake Paul vs. Andrew Tate?

The undefeated YouTube boxer, fresh off his decision victory over former UFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva last month in Phoenix, appears to be negotiating a return to the “sweet science” opposite kickboxer-turned-social media sensation Andrew Tate.

Watch them come face-to-face in the embedded video above.

“I don’t think he gets in the ring with one of us,” Jake told his brother Logan on the Impaulsive podcast back in August. “It’s too big of a risk for him. He’s ‘alpha male,’ right? That’s his whole entire thing. And when he loses — he will lose to either one of us he fights — his whole schtick and all the women will be like, ‘Yeah!’ and his whole schtick goes out the window.”

Here’s a sample of Tate’s pad work:

Tate has come under fire in recent weeks for “hateful ideology.”

Paul resurrected the celebrity boxing scene over the last two years at the expense of aging (and mostly shopworn) UFC veterans. Tate is unlikely to be seen as an upgrade in competition but “prize fighting” is all about the bag, for better or worse.

Paul-Tate is rumored for early 2023; however, nothing is official at this time.