Paul Gallen is scheduled to take on two former Queensland players in a crazy double fight, with the promoter admitting we could see an unprecedented WWE tag-team style rules bout. 

The double-fight will take place at Nissan Arena in Brisbane on September 15, throwing up a huge State of Origin feel for the fight.

The epic matchup will pit Gallen against Justin Hodges and Ben Hannant, and although the exact details are being ironed out, No Limit CEO George Rose has some epic ideas.

Rose, who played 129 games for Manly, is a huge WWE fan and has tossed up some pretty interesting proposals for the handicap fight.

At the press conference, Rose said: “We are working on what the process is going to be for the fight.

“Over the years I’ve watched a lot of WWE, I love the tag teams, I love the Royal Rumbles.

“I love the idea that if Gal stops the first guy, the music playing and the next guy comes running out.

“Whether we can get the tag team option happening in the corner, one guy’s feeling a bit too much heat and tags the other guy.”

The former Blues player didn’t seem too happy with the proposed tag idea, looking stunned in his seat.

Gallen replied: “Oh, come on. Are you serious? Do I get a say in this?”

The double fight is a novel idea in itself, adding a bit of WWE flavour to the matchup would make this a must-see.

Justin Hodges has been adamant about making the fight between himself and Gallen happen, and whilst it hasn’t been decided who would start the matchup just yet, he asserted that he wanted first dibs at Gallen.

Hodges said: “Well how about I’ll go first since this is the fight that I want.

“Me and Gal can go first, and then Benny might be training for nothing because I’m going to stop him.”

Despite the sly dig, Gallen agreed with Hodges.

Gallen said: “I do agree with you there Hodgo, I think you should go first.

“You’re the one who’s been pretty adamant about calling me out so I’ve got no doubt that you should go first.

“If you don’t go first, I think it’s a bit of a cop-out on your behalf, to be honest.

“I think you should demand to go first.”

Hannan represented Queensland between 2008 and 2012 making 12 appearances, whilst Hodges was an integral member of the team from 2002 to 2015.