An OnlyFans star has blamed her loss of earnings over the past few months on the World Cup, saying men ‘prefer football over sex’.

21-year-old Kerolay Chaves, who is from Brazil, claims the tournament over in Qatar has taken away a huge chunk of her male attention online.

And with less eyeballs on her platforms, it means her OnlyFans income has reportedly decreased by 60 per cent since the World Cup kicked off, per The Sun.

“I don’t have a favourite, my biggest victory will be to get men’s attention back,” Chaves said.

Credit: Instagram/kerolay_chaves”They prefer football to sex, they bet much more than they pay for my content.”

She added: “Let’s see if they go back to preferring a woman over men chasing a ball…”

With peoples’ eyes glued to the television, the tournament clearly had a big impact on the adult industry.

But that didn’t stop Chaves from supporting her country in Qatar.

In one social media post, she said: “I customised a pair of panties with Richarlison’s face.

“I know he won’t play tomorrow, but this is my lucky charm for us to win HEXA in this Cup! Go Brazil!”

During the tournament itself, another OnlyFans star landed herself in hot water with local officials when one of her pictures went viral online.

Credit: Twitter/Astrid WettAstrid Wett, who was out in Qatar supporting England, shared a photo of herself wearing denim shorts, an open shirt and a bikini top while attending a match.

With her outfit breaking the Gulf State’s strict rules around clothing, Wett was warned she could face serious punishment.

One user commented: “VAR: execution”.

While another added: “Cover yourself up, respect another country rules and culture.”

As a third said: “Astrid here is Qatar not England.”