OnlyFans star Astrid Wett beat Keeley Colbran inside one round in what many are calling “the worst two minutes of boxing” ever seen.

Her opponent for the card in Sheffield was Keeley – the daughter of TikTok star Simple Simon – and the contest was as one-sided as can be.

Chelsea fan Wett, who has just short of 300,000 followers on Twitter and 20.5 million likes in TikTok, went for the kill from the off and dominated the round with a series of hard-hitting jabs.

Colbran did not throw any shots or offer any offence and threw the towel in before the bell tolling for the second round, retiring on her stool to give Astrid the victory.

Astrid had been scheduled to face OnlyFans rival Elle Brooke back in June but pulled out over fears for her safety.

Brooke then got the better of stand-in opponent and former Love Island contestant AJ Bunker in between the ropes.

Speaking after her triumph, Astrid laid down the challenge, saying: “Any female influencer who wants to take the challenge, I’m here.”

She did also say she was open to a second bite of the cherry against Brooke but it must be under the Misfits banner and not Kingpyn, the promotion she made her debut for.

Astrid added: “I mean if she wants it, she can have it. But there’s no way I’m doing it on Kingpyn.”

As per a video posted on her TikTok, it does seem as though she smoothed things out with KSI.