Nottingham Forest supporters have been strongly criticised after singing offensive chants against Liverpool in Saturday’s Premier League clash at the City Ground.

Forest fans could be heard singing the phrase “always the victims” early on in the match.

The chant is strongly associated with the Hillsborough disaster, which caused the death of 97 Liverpool supporters.

The fatal crush occurred in a 1989 FA Cup semi-final between Forest and Liverpool at the home of Sheffield Wednesday.

Liverpool Echo journalist Ian Doyle reported that Forest fans began singing the offensive “victims” chant early in the game.

“”Always the victims” is the shout from a group of Forest fans. Some were already singing “Sign on” before the game had even started,” tweeted Doyle.

Meanwhile, The Athletic’s James Pearce reported that the home fans continued the chant through the first half.

“‘Always the victims’ for the third time from the Forest fans,” tweeted Pearce.

Liverpool supporters have slammed the home supporters for their behaviour, particularly given the Forest’s association with the Hillsborough disaster.

“Forest fans singing the Hillsborough chants is also extremely weird because it literally could have been them,” tweeted one fan.

Another added: “Nottingham Forest fans, who fortunately for them had the opposite end at Hillsborough in 1989, showing all their self-awareness there. Grim.”

While a third wrote: “Of all the fans of all the clubs, astonishing to hear Nottingham Forest sing songs about Hillsborough. Shame on them.”

More to follow…