Molly-Mae Hague has blocked Jake Paul on social media ahead of his grudge match against her boyfriend Tommy Fury.

Jake Paul and Tommy Fury will finally get to settle their differences when they lock horns inside the ring in Saudi Arabia later this month.

After cancelled bouts and plenty of trash-talk in between, this grudge match has been two years in the making.

Given the tension between the pair, Fury’s partner and fellow former Love Island contestant Molly-Mae has decided to to block Paul in the lead-up to the fight.

And according to The Mirror, even members of Paul’s team have been blocked by the creative director of Pretty Little Thing.

Last year, Molly-Mae told iFL TV: “I just feel like the whole thing, everyone is just over it.

“Hopefully, it can all just be put to bed, they can have the fight and then we can forget about it.

“I feel like it’s just lingering at this point, they need to have the fight and put it to bed because it’s going to be literally all anyone talks about until it’s done.

“I think it’s a fight that needs to happen and if it does it does, we’ll just have to see.

“I don’t see why it shouldn’t, if Jake Paul has the balls and Tommy wants to fight, then it should happen.”

Paul has taken no prisoners when it comes to his mind games with the Fury clan.

From doing everything in his power to wind up Tommy’s dad John to posting countless videos on social media, the ex-Disney is clearly trying to get under his rival’s skin.

But perhaps the biggest below-the-belt shot he took was regarding Tommy and Molly-Mae’s pregnancy announcement.

When the happy couple took to social media to make the announcement, Paul wasted no time in chiming in, saying: “Shocking. Tommy usually pulls out.”

A clear reference to Fury pulling out of their previously-scheduled bouts.

But if that wasn’t bad enough, Paul waded in once again when the baby was actually born.

“Just in time to watch your dad get knocked out,” he commented on the couple’s birth pictures on Instagram.

Fury has clearly heard what Paul has been saying.

Speaking to TMZ ahead of the grudge match, the Brit said: “My message to Jake Paul is good luck and I hope you’ve trained and I hope you got an ambulance on speed dial because you’re gonna need it.”