Mike Perry has revealed that he received an angry message from Jake Paul’s coach after he posted a ‘fake script’ for the Tommy Fury fight.

The ex-UFC fighter was the back-up opponent if Fury pulled out of their Saudi Arabia showdown. Of course, he wasn’t needed as the former Love Island star scored a big win, earning a split-decision victory.

He posted a controversial paper which listed how the fight would play out, accompanied with the caption: “What’s happening?”

Image: via Twitter ‘Key moments’ from the ‘fake script’ included Paul and Fury arguing with each other, Paul calling out KSI and Fury asking for a rematch.

Perry’s decision to upload the ‘fake script’ online didn’t go down well with BJ Flores, who was ‘upset’ with the accusation.

“It was an Instagram post I think my buddy sent me,” he told TMZ Sports.

The 31-year-old added: “I tweeted it and it’s probably my best tweet of all time, probably. It got a lot of attention. People talked a lot of trash on me for it. Whatever. Jake’s coach wrote me and was upset about his reputation.

“Ya know I was thinking, well, Jake never cared about my reputation when he posted a video of what I said to him at practice, trying to coach him up and be a part of the team, and give him that work. And he put that [training footage] out there.”

Perry has moved on from a potential bout against the YouTuber-turned-boxer as he’s set to meet former UFC middleweight champion Luke Rockhold under the Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship banner.